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Benefit from ZEISS services so that you can focus on what matters
for your clinic or practice: offering great patient care.

Medical healthcare professionals, IT managers, and clinical directors from around the world share their stories about everyday challenges. See how reliable system maintenance and repair, transparent processes and digital support keep clinics and practices running smoothly with OPTIME® service plans from ZEISS. The following videos from ZEISS customers around the world capture these moments and experiences.

ZEISS services are renowned for high customer satisfaction

Customers globally rely on ZEISS OPTIME. With decades of experience in supporting your clinical and practice needs, we enable you to focus on patient care through reliable uptime, optimized system performance, and connected cutting-edge technologies.
The high Customer Satisfaction Score1 stands for our commitment to providing exceptional services and providing the support our customers need.


These customer stories illustrate that ZEISS OPTIME offers reliable service to clinics and practices around the world. Whether healthcare professionals need 24/7 spare parts replacement, quick maintenance support from our service team, software upgrades, or other services, they can count on a trusted partnership. Explore in theses videos how our service team enables our customers to provide award-winning patient care.

The ZEISS service team is "a doorstep away"

Dr. Rohit Om Parkash and Dr. Tushya Om Parkash.

Dr. Om Parkash Eye Institute

The father-and-son team at Dr. Om Parkash Eye Institute in Punjab, India relies on continuous system uptime to run their high-volume ophthalmology practice. Prompt support from the ZEISS service team makes all the difference. Discover how a ZEISS OPTIME service plan is integral to their mission of delivering exceptional patient care.

The best thing about ZEISS is that we could always rely on them as they have always treated us like an extended family.

Dr. Tushya Om Parkash

Cataract and Refractive Surgeon, Dr. Om Parkash Eye Institute, India


Strong partnerships are built on transparency. In these videos, hear from customers how transparent ZEISS OPTIME service plans help their healthcare practices provide uninterrupted diagnosis and treatment. These customer stories show the essence of transparent services – from clear pricing, detailed contract service terms, seamless information flow across ZEISS systems, and open dialogue with our service team.

Transparency in care: Why ZEISS OPTIME is “vital to the practice’s growth”

Dr. Karsten Kortüm, MD PD

Medical practice of Dr. Kortüm MVZ GmbH

At his family-run ophthalmology practice in Ludwigsburg, Dr. Karsten Kortüm values clear patient communication. He chose a ZEISS OPTIME service plan to ensure smooth, transparent processes for the outstanding care of over 7,000 patients each quarter. Dr. Kortüm relies on ZEISS for seamless operations and legal compliance in maintaining medical systems. ZEISS OPTIME's role is essential to the practice’s growth, maintaining high-performance, accurate systems.

I like to compare it to the maintenance of an airplane. As a passenger, I myself would not want to board an airplane that has not been regularly serviced. I think patients have the same expectations of medical devices in a doctor’s office.

Dr. Karsten Kortüm, MD PD

Specialist in ophtamology, medical practice of Dr. Kortüm MVZ GmbH, Germany


With ZEISS OPTIME, clinics and practices benefit from a long-lasting digital partnership that enables them to focus on patient care. Our customer stories highlight the ways we stay connected to healthcare professionals globally and support them when they need it. From remote, on-demand services and instrument connectivity to efficient workflow management tools, see in these videos how a seamlessly connected, fully-supported healthcare practice operates.

Connected for better patient care

Dr. Pedro Tañá Rivero


Being connected to real-time service is crucial for the dedicated team at OFTALVIST Clinics, a network of more than 40 eye care practices across Spain that treats 300,000 patients a year. Watch how ZEISS OPTIME’s instant remote support ensures the clinics are always ready to care for their patients, solving issues "at that very moment." while ensuring a secure connection complying to the latest standards.

Nowadays, digitization is essential. They connect to the devices, diagnose and see what is happening. And I only have to join in if there is something they can't do or if there is a problem with the communication.

Alfredo Filiu

IT Manager, OFTALVIST, Spain

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  • 1

    CSAT is a measure of how products and services offered meet or surpass customer expectations. The outcome leaves the overall percentage of satisfied customers.