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ZEISS Services

Enabling you to focus on patient care.


ZEISS services allow you to focus on doing what you do best:
offering first-rate patient care.

ZEISS OPTIME enables you to focus on patient care.

With OPTIME® service plans from ZEISS, you benefit from priority treatment, enabling you to work without restrictions and avoid unplanned downtime of your systems.

We can support your clinical or practical processes with our service offerings that go far beyond the warranty. A broad range of services can be included in one service plan, which is thus tailored to meet your specific needs.

That’s what ZEISS OPTIME is all about.

ZEISS OPTIME service plans

The three customized OPTIME service plans provide a safety net for your ZEISS systems – experienced, certified, and reliable. Our service helps you maintain the value and ROI of your ZEISS system. A serviced instrument provides the diagnostic accuracy and treatment precision that is the foundation of your reputation. And you can also choose from a variety of add-ons. We are committed to working closely with you to find the solution that best meets your requirements.

  • OPTIME complete

    If you have a mission-critical system environment (e.g. a phacoemulsification system as part of a cataract workflow), or a device that is crucial for the workflow and therefore impacts the entire facility, or if the uptime of a ZEISS system is critical, then choose OPTIME complete. It's a full-service package offering the highest uptime and fastest resolution times with no financial risk. Benefit from priority handling and enjoy peace of mind.

  • OPTIME advanced

    If you have a device in a mission-sensitive environment and it has a considerable impact on workflow, and any downtime would result in a major productivity loss, then opt for OPTIME advanced. It combines four advantages: No unplanned maintenance expenses; consistent system and service quality; high levels of uptime; high degree of flexibility, dependability and efficiency.

  • OPTIME prevent

    If your ZEISS system has a lower impact on workflow and you have a backup system, if it is a baseline technology product and if your institution is working with a lower budget, then OPTIME prevent is the right service plan for you. You can benefit from having no unplanned maintenance expenses, and regular safety and quality checks. The contract also ensures that the lifetime of the system is extended.

Customized service plans for your daily routines

Service offering may differ from country to country depending on local regulations.

Preventive maintenance Preventive maintenance as well as regular system-safety and quality checks help ensure the longevity of your systems.
Remote support Remote repair, remote desktop sharing, application support, and logfile analyses can be offered to reduce downtime.
Updates Hardware and software updates enhance the safety and performance of your systems.
MyZEISS Use our customer online platform to open service requests, download software files, and manage your ZEISS systems online 24/7.
Corrective maintenance If one of your systems malfunctions, our qualified service team is there for you.
Spare parts Order and receive our certified spare parts whenever you need them, so that you can fully focus on excellent patient care.
Additional service features Depending on the ZEISS system, installation, or region, additional service features can be requested.

OPTIME complete

on request

OPTIME advanced

time + material

on request

OPTIME prevent

not applicable

time + material

time + material

on request

Additional service features

  • Upgrades

    Software upgrades

    ZEISS can provide new application features and software upgrades, so you can be sure your systems are running with the latest versions available.

  • Loaners


    If a system cannot be repaired on site, it may need to be sent to our in-house repair center. In defined cases, we can provide a replacement system while we get your system back up and running.

  • Application support

    Application support

    Application training for you and your team, delivered by a certified ZEISS application specialist either on site or at one of our training centers.

  • Integration/migration support

    Integration/migration support

    Our IT service can help you migrate a system into your onsite IT environment and implement the necessary network settings.

  • After hours

    After hours

    Extended contracted service hours for Preventive and/or Corrective Maintenance (from Monday - Friday and/or weekends + holidays).

  • BioMed training

    BioMed training

    Get in-depth knowledge about your ZEISS systems, how to use them best, their features, and maintenance in a special BioMed training.

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MyZEISS customer platform

Manage your ZEISS systems online.

MyZEISS is the customer platform that enables you to unlock the full potential of your ZEISS systems. Choose from a wide range of training videos, gather peer insights, and make use of a comprehensive set of support tools, so you can use your systems as effectively and efficiently as possible, while keeping downtime to a minimum.

My systems

Get an overview of all your ZEISS systems. Review basic data about your ZEISS systems, such as their location. Check many details online (e.g., installation date and contract status), and submit change requests directly via MyZEISS.

Available only for verified ZEISS customers.

Service requests

View all new, existing, and past service tickets. Create new online service requests and track the status of existing requests 24/7. Add further details, such as images and log files, to any ticket to help us diagnose problems and resolve issues more quickly.

Available only for verified ZEISS customers.

Software download portal

Access MyZEISS to download software files, such as installation packages or security updates, to ensure your ZEISS systems are up to date and keep waiting time to a minimum.

Separate registration and login is required.

Do you want to maximize your system usage?

Join MyZEISS today.

Introducing our all-in-one platform, personalized to your needs. With a vast library of articles from your Peers, comprehensive trainings and useful tools and features for your ZEISS devices.

Succeeding the smart way – ZEISS Smart Services

  • Connect your system and receive immediate remote support to reduce reaction times and increase system availability.
  • Our certified experts will consult you to find the right spare parts and enable quick troubleshooting.
  • Cyber security and safe connection according to international standards. (e.g., ISO / IEC 27001)