Easily capture things that are better left untouched ZEISS O-DETECT
ZEISS O-DETECT multisensor measuring machine

Entering the world of optical metrology


Intuitive operation, high-quality camera and flexible lighting for precise measurement in an instant. Suitable for a wide variety of components, but mainly for those that are best left untouched. Discover the new generation of optical metrology: ZEISS O-DETECT.

Your advantages:
  • Excellent optics
  • Versatile and easy to upgrade
  • Simple part navigation and visualization
  • Stable precision 
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software
  • Professional and actionable reports
Excellent optics

ZEISS Digital Zoom provides a large field-of-view at high resolution – increasing efficiency and capturing more details. The high-quality images are captured with a 5 megapixel camera and together with ZEISS processing technology, transform images into precise measurement results.

Versatile and easy to upgrade

The new exchangeable accessory platform enables the quick change of different toplight options for diverse applications and is done without service intervention.

Stable precision

Calibrated to MPE E(3D) per ISO-10360, ZEISS O-DETECT promises reliability and ensures comparability worldwide, while delivering accurate 2D and 3D measurement data - valuable in high compliance markets.

Simple part navigation and visualization

The integrated 5 megapixel overview color camera locates the part quicker to start measurements. Controlled by the software, it reduces the need to use the joystick.

Professional and actionable reports

ZEISS PiWeb reporting offers one-click documentation and visualization of your measurement data, giving you useful insights into your parts and processes.

Intuitive and user-friendly software

A long history and experience in metrology were combined in the measuring software ZEISS CALYPSO. ZEISS CALYPSO express has a simple programming environment to make entry into the world of optical metrology as easy as possible.

High-end camera in the entry-level segment

A key element of ZEISS O-DETECT is its high-quality camera. Thanks to sophisticated software and the new auto-focus function, the images taken by the camera is transformed into precise measurement results.

Quick, precise and intuitive – thanks to the overview camera

Another essential component of ZEISS O-DETECT is the first in its class: an overview camera with integrated 5-megapixel camera sensor. This equipment automatically locates the component to be measured without the need for user intervention. This saves time and increases the machine’s throughput. As is the case with other applications, this machine is also characterized by very simple and intuitive controls.

Exchangeable toplights

High-quality lighting plays a key role in achieving precise measurement results. The versatile and easily exchangeable ZEISS O-DETECT toplight provides the best conditions for this. The toplight operates automatically and according to user-defined settings.

Easy Exchanging

Illumination options for every task

ZEISS O-DETECT provides different illumination options for every challenge that you might face with some measuring pieces. A ring light for general part top lighting and options for lighting shiny workpieces, or optimized lighting for challenging edges.


Coaxial light

Top light

Easy to use and program: ZEISS CALYPSO software

The universal measuring software ZEISS CALYPSO offers a high degree of flexibility for different measurement tasks, whether the requirement is simple or advanced. ZEISS CALYPSO express with its clear user interface and structured workflows enables simple programming and is easy to learn. ZEISS PiWeb reporting allows you to create professional reports with just a few mouse clicks.


300 x 200 x 200 mm³


500 x 400 x 300 mm³

Technical Data for ZEISS O-DETECT



O-DETECT 3/2/2

O-DETECT 5/4/3





Measuring volume


300 x 200 x 200 mm3

500 x 400 x 300 mm3

Field of view


8.4 x 7.0 mm2

8.4 x 7.0 mm2

Length measurement error MPE (EU)

in 2D

1.9 µm + L/150 µm

1.9 µm + L/150 µm

in 3D

2.4 µm + L/150 µm

2.4 µm + L/150 µm





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