Scalable image analysis to shorten time to results

Scalable Image Analysis for Biotech and Pharma

How ZEISS arivis Hub Can Help Transform Biotech & Pharma Research

In the realm of biotech and pharma research, the journey from hypothesis to breakthrough is paved with massive experiments. These experiments, often involving complex microscopy techniques, generate large multidimensional data. Analyzing this data is a crucial step in the innovation of new therapies that have the potential to save human lives. However, legacy systems, with their outdated operating systems and inflexible tools, can slow down this process significantly. Enter ZEISS arivis Hub, a state-of-the-art image analysis solution designed to revolutionize the way researchers interact with their data.

large-scale data processing

Harnessing the power of parallel processing for faster multi-dimensional image analysis.

Revolutionizing Research Data Handling

Designed for Scalable Image Analysis and Storage

ZEISS arivis Hub is built to handle the scale and complexity of modern research data. It enables the design and execution of large-scale experiments, allowing for efficient processing of large microscopy data. Our software enables scaling up and down of analysis processing resources providing faster turnaround times.

In our scalable approach, illustrated in the accompanying graphic, you'll see how multiple high-capacity processors, each equivalent to 16 cores, work collaboratively like a well-coordinated team. This ensures the swift and parallel processing of your experiments, optimizing efficiency.

Researchers can create analysis pipelines in ZEISS arivis Pro and upload them onto ZEISS arivis Hub once vetted to be used by others.

Access from Anywhere

In today’s interconnected world, research is no longer confined to the lab. ZEISS arivis Hub can be accessed from anywhere, enabling multi-user remote access to the system. Whether you’re working from the lab, your home, or halfway across the world, ZEISS arivis Hub keeps you connected to your data.

Works with Many File Formats

ZEISS arivis Hub offers flexibility to seamlessly work with various imaging systems found in any laboratory setting. Whether your microscopy data originates from a ZEISS system or a non-Zeiss system such as Yokogawa or Opera Phenix, ZEISS arivis Hub seamlessly accommodates many file formats. This flexibility is especially valuable for labs that work with various types of imaging equipment, as it allows for the smooth integration of ZEISS arivis Hub into your existing workflows.

scale up organoid image analysis

Visualization of multidimensional organoids that are ready for scaled analysis.

Automated Analysis and Enhanced Visualization

Multidimensional Visualization and Analysis

ZEISS arivis Hub offers multidimensional visualization and analysis of images of any size, without the need for local hardware requirements. From small to very large datasets, ZEISS arivis Hub handles visualization effortlessly, providing you with the insights you need to drive your research forward. Whether you’re dealing with flat 2D cell cultures, intricate 3D organoids, or dynamic 4D time-lapse microscopy, ZEISS arivis Hub has got you covered for your visualization and image analysis needs.