ZEISS arivis Hub for scaled up image analysis for fast results

ZEISS arivis Hub

Your Solution for Accelerated Analysis and Faster Results

Parallelized image processing and enhanced storage at your fingertips. Scale your image analysis to get results faster. ZEISS arivis Hub works for you, optimizing local, cloud, or server computation resources.

  • Parallelization and scalability for faster results
  • Automated and AI-based workflows
  • Analyze images from a multitude of instruments
  • Import, create, organize and store datasets
ZEISS arivis Hub for scalable parallelized image processing for fast results

Scalable image analysis and storage

Easy parallelized image processing and data management. Accessing, sharing and analyzing images at scale. ZEISS arivis Hub enables researchers in diverse scientific and industrial applications to streamline image analysis on a large scale providing faster results. Whether datasets are already stored or being actively acquired, ZEISS arivis Hub handles images from a diverse range of imaging systems with ease.

A centralized system, either on local servers or in the cloud, ZEISS arivis Hub allows users to efficiently organize and share their imaging data. With multiple analysis resources deployed in parallel, users can simultaneously process an array of images with various pipelines, thereby reducing overall completion times for projects.


Organoid analysis in 3D

Organoid analysis in 3D

Organoid analysis in 3D
Organoid analysis in 3D. Sample courtesy of Lutholf Lab, imaging by Frank Vogler in the ZEISS customer center.

ZEISS arivis Hub for HCA

High Content Analysis for Biotech and Pharma

ZEISS HCA solutions are designed to provide you with the tools and capabilities you need to drive groundbreaking discoveries, accelerate drug development, and unlock new frontiers in scientific exploration.

Accelerate your biotech and pharmaceutical research with advanced high content analysis (HCA) software solutions from ZEISS. This powerful suite of software tools enables you to streamline your workflows, uncover valuable insights, and drive innovation across a wide range of applications, whether you are dealing with 2D data or handling large multi-dimensional datasets.

The image analysis bottleneck

Parallelized, scalable image analysis

Overcome the Challenge

Of Large-Scale Image Analysis

Analyzing thousands of images to uncover crucial details can be a daunting task amidst vast datasets. The challenge is not to miss that one detail you need. With an ever-increasing amount of imaging data being produced from a range of systems at core imaging facilities to CRO’s and pharma, it is becoming ever more critical to consolidate imaging data.

Parallelized, scalable  image analysis

Break Free of the Image Analysis Bottleneck

With ZEISS arivis Hub

Avoid data redundancy with data silos and disparate analysis workflows. ZEISS arivis Hub allows for a centralized system offering streamlined data ingestion and analysis for wide-ranging file types.

With optimized resource allocation, you maximize computing potential while minimizing inefficiencies like wasted space, energy consumption, and control costs.

Demonstration of ZEISS arivis Hub

Learn how to scale up your image analysis

AI integration for High Content Analysis

Learn about the challenges of organoid analysis in 3D and high content analysis solutions.

Prof. Marco Fritzsche - Scientific Director of the Oxford-ZEISS Center of Excellence

ZEISS arivis Hub (formerly VisionHub) gives us a unique integration of all the scientific imaging data from our microscopes. The platform allows us to manage data storage, access, and processing across our facility, freeing up the valuable time of our scientists to concentrate on their research questions.

Prof. Marco Fritzsche

Scientific Director of the Oxford-ZEISS Center of Excellence


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