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AURA® handheld NIR from ZEISS


Accuracy is important when it comes to getting spectroscopic measures. But so is flexibility.

Your needs can vary as much as the natural raw materials your work with, which is why we’ve developed a range of accurate, reliable and flexible spectroscopy solutions for the widest variety of applications.

AURA® handheld NIR from ZEISS is the newest addition to a range of accurate and robust ZEISS spectrometers and brings near infrared technology into the palm of your hand.

Benefits & Equipment

The flexibility and portability of this new device allows you to take spectroscopic measurements up close and in direct contact with samples in just about any weather conditions. And its battery powered operation and large touch-screen display means it’s very simple to operate. Add to that the intuitive InProcess software and you have a flexible spectroscopy solution that can be used even by novices.

Everything you need is in the convenient carrying case. You will get reliable results quickly and accurately while on the go.

Technical Specifications

Standard handle
Slanted handle

Mechanical specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D)  

234 x 298 x 100 mm

234 x 350 x 74 mm


2.58 kg (incl. battery pack)

2.58 kg (incl. battery pack)

Environmental parameters

Range of operating temperatures

+5 °C ... + 40 °C

+  5 °C ... + 40 °C  

Storage / transport temperature  

–20 °C ... +60 °C

– 20 °C ... + 60 °C  

Ingress protection (IP)  

IP 54

IP 54, front side only

Electrical connection parameters

Power supply (internal battery pack)

14.4 V DC,
3450 mAh, 49.7 Wh
(battery pack RRC2054)

10.8 V DC,
6900 mAh, 74.52 Wh
(battery pack RRC2040-02)

Power supply (external)  

19.0 V DC

19.0 V DC

Maximum power consumption  

24 W

24 W



Ethernet 1000 MBit/s, 2x USB

Ethernet 1000 MBit/s, 2x USB

Optical specification

Spectral range  

950 ... 1650 nm

950 ... 1650 nm

Wavelength accuracy  

≤ 1.0 nm

≤ 1.0 nm

Light source  

Halogen lamp, 20,000 h,
(Exchange by ZEISS service only!)

Halogen lamp, 20,000 h,
(Exchange by ZEISS service only!)  

Measuring spot diameter

13.5 mm

13.5 mm


ZEISS AURA® handheld NIR

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