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Corona® extreme The most robust spectrometer on the market

You need to count on your production to constantly deliver. The same goes for your spectrometer. No matter how tough the conditions, Corona® extreme from ZEISS functions perfectly, providing precise, reliable results.

  • Mount at pipelines
  • Measure ingredients
  • Robust, fast and precise
  • Optimizes processes
  • Increases efficiency
Corona® extreme with benefits illustrated by icons

When the going gets tough, Corona® extreme gets going Precise results in the toughest measurement scenarios

Corona® extreme from ZEISS is at home in the most challenging environments. It doesn’t matter if it’s extremely hot, cold, or there are high levels of shock, vibration, dust or debris, Corona® extreme provides full-scale spectrometer measurement with accurate, reproducible results. Benefit from industry-leading performance in a high-quality spectrometer that gets on with it, no matter how tough the going gets.

Corona® extreme mounted to a downpipe using a power flange

Performance at every point Extremely accurate spectrometer data

Install Corona® extreme in the lab, at-line or in-line – the choice is yours. It can also be mounted at pipelines, trough chain conveyors and downpipes. Corona® extreme measures quality-critical parameters in the 950 to 1650 nm wavelength range simultaneously, giving you accurate results and helping you keep a constant eye on the quality of your product. Intuitive software and easy integration into existing networks complete the package.

hand turns a control knob to maximum efficiency

Optimizes your production Use resources better, react to process variations, adjust in real time

From a variety of agricultural applications to food production, Corona® extreme provides you spectroscopic measurement in real time, all the time. Determine the quality of ingredients instantly and make crucial decisions or change the product you’re producing without interruption. Determine the quality of raw materials and use them in a targeted way, increasing the efficiency of production.

We design, manufacture and service process systems and equipment for many of today’s vital protein recycling and renewables industries. That’s why we need to rely on accurate, consistent results and equipment that works as hard as we do. Corona® extreme from ZEISS plays a key role in our complete, high-performance systems and ensures that our solutions never let our clients down, no matter how hard the challenge.

Richard Weeks

Director of Sales, The Dupps Company (USA)

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Count on Corona® extreme

Peak performance at every point in the process

Corona® extreme with detailed description of the components
Halogen lamp

specially developed halogen lamp for long-term use in the spectrometer (20,000 h)

Cooling fins

providing permanent passive cooling for constant precise measurement results even at high temperatures

Lemo contacts with IP66

perfectly protected for demanding applications in the food industry by robust Lemo contacts with IP66 protection

LED status display

LED status display for constant operational readiness and convenient monitoring of functional activity

ZEISS free beam optics

proven ZEISS free beam optics for very fast and precise measurement results that can be achieved over and over, regardless of external influences, such as shock and vibration

Robust housing
  • robust food grade housing made from stainless steel
  • degree of protection: IP66
  • operation temperature: -15°C to 50°C
  • storage temperature: -40°C to 70°C
  • shock resistance up to 50 G
Simple installation

simple and quick installation of various flanges for mounting on to pipelines, trough chain conveyors, mixers and other transport systems

Internal reference

internal reference for constantly measurement results, irrespective of external factors such as temperature variations

Excellent integratability

communication with common fieldbus systems and industry standards, like OPC UA, DA, Modbus, Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet/ IP and more

Expand your possibilities

With the right software for your hardware

engineer sits in front of the computer in a production environment in his office, the screens show the interface of the inprocess software

ZEISS InProcess software - easy to use and up to the task

Our InProcess software is designed specifically to get the best performance out of Corona® extreme. Easy to use and intuitive is can provide you not just with all the information you need quickly and easily, but can also be tailored to your specific needs, thanks to a range of customization options.  

InProcess is ready for Industry 4.0 and provides the ideal platform to profit from connected spectroscopy and access your measurements from anywhere, at any time, thanks to easy cloud integration.

Accessories for Corona® extreme

HMI accessoire for Corona® extreme


Unlock Corona® extreme’s full potential with custom HMI systems. Connect via Profibus or Ethernet/IP, with measurement values and trends displayed directly on site.

TURNSTEP ST accessoire for Corona® extreme


Tailor made to fit onto Corona® extreme, TURNSTEP ST rotates samples in a sample bowl during measurement allowing for larger analysis quantities and more representative results next to the line or at-line.

Flanges accessoire for Corona® extreme


Flanges for GEA VARINLINE housings & power flanges are adapted to different applications and situations: from trough chain conveyors to closed transport systems and pipelines.


  • Corona® extreme from ZEISS

    The most dependable results in the most demanding conditions

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The ideal applications

Corona® extreme in action

Other possible applications

  • malt falls from a pipe into the machine


    Control the malting process with one device: Analyze barley protein and moisture at delivery. Check green malt during germination. Measure moisture, protein, viscosity and beta-glucan in malt after drying.

  • liquid sugar syrup runs onto a surface

    Starch & Sugar

    Measure dry matter in starch suspensions to optimize the drying process. Measure sugar and dry matter in thick and thin sugar juice to optimize intermediate products.

  • different cereals lie next to each other, wheat, corn and legumes


    Control quality during corn, soy, barley and wheat storage and retrieval by measuring moisture, protein and oil content in both ground and whole form.

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