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Optical Gratings

Laser gratings Pulse compression and wavelength selection

We offer homogeneous pulse compression gratings with a high laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) and variable groove densities and standard laser gratings for wavelength selection in modern laser systems. Laser gratings are also used  in the laser systems for wavelength selection intra- and extra-cavity for the mode selection of single or even multi-mode lasers.

  • High diffraction efficiency
  • Transmission and reflection
  • Low stray light
  • Choice of substrates
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Wavelength selection, high pulse widths, repetition rates and efficient diffraction

ZEISS pulse compression and laser gratings use monolithic fused silica, with high LIDT, low wavefront aberration and are available in standard or customized form. They are easy to install and provide high performance and efficiency. We also offer replicated and coated gratings (Al, Au) for wavelength tuning in low/mid-range power lasers, which can be also used in telecommunications for WDM and DWDM applications.

The right gratings for your requirements

High-efficiency pulse compression gratings can be manufactured up to a size of 240 x 240 mm with homogeneous grid patterns. Typical line counts for pulse compression applications are between 1000 and 2500 grooves per mm. In addition to flat substrates, you can choose concave, convex and free-form substrates.

Laser gratings from ZEISS are available for spectral ranges between 400 nm and 2 μm. The function-determining parameters are:

✔ line density
✔ furrow profile
✔ the resulting diffraction efficiency
✔ wavefront accuracy
✔ resolving power
✔ imaging properties
✔ substrate material
✔ the resulting radiation resistance
✔ several coatings like Al, Au and numerous AR coatings


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