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Convex Gratings

Offner gratings For imaging spectrometers

Offner gratings are used in applications with spatially resolved spectral information, especially hyperspectral imaging. Holographic fabrication reduces stray light and increases image quality.  In the holographic process at ZEISS, the blaze profile is applied during holography best suited to the shape of the optical substrate. ZEISS has the in-house expertise to design and make customized Offner gratings.

  • Minimizes cross-talk
  • Good signal-to-noise ratio
  • Lowest stray light
  • High efficiency
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See the whole spectrum

ZEISS Offner gratings feature customized aberration correction for enhanced optical performance and reduce the number of optical components in a spectrometer. Image quality can be optimized for wide wavelength bands and there are many standard configurations available. Our Offner gratings can also be tailored to your specifications and are easy to use, with low adjustment thanks to specific customized features.

Make the invisible visible

Hyperspectral imaging or multispectral imaging can show you what you normally cannot see. This is achieved by using spatial and wavelength resolved detection in different electromagnetic ranges (spectra).

Imaging spectroscopy has evolved into a technique for powerful multispectral imaging. Multispectral imaging or hyperspectral imagers are mostly based on Offner imaging spectrometers  with low f-numbers.

The design of a hyperspectral sensor uses three convex surfaces, including an aberration corrected convex grating and two convex mirrors together with a slit and an imaging sensor. This configuration is dedicated to applications with low resolution and high throughput requirements, enhancing the imaging quality of a spectrometer. All of the hyperspectral information is covered by a single shot sensor picture.  ZEISS Offner gratings are used in space applications to achieve the highest performance in environmental analysis.


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