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Thin Film Metrology

Constantly evaluate process parameters ZEISS solutions for Batch Processing

  • Nondestructive real time measurement with instant results
  • Full spectrum analysis for transmission & reflection, color and thickness evaluation included
  • Significantly improved productivity and product quality
  • Absolute spectral reflection measurements without a reference standard
  • Fieldbus interface to control the coater

Achieving perfection

To achieve the highest standards, even the smallest errors must be detected and rectified. Given the intense cost pressures in the industry, all production processes must be mapped out in detail and the right parameters have to be set to improve efficiency and quality. Furthermore, all results need to be traceable as well.

Continuous evaluation

Complex processes require continuous evaluation of properties and parameters. Random samples are not enough as quality assessment must be performed based on process data. The increasing automation of quality and process monitoring places enormous demands on the precision and reliability of all in-line measuring systems used for inspection, and effective communication between the production environment and monitoring systems is paramount.

Measuring witness samples

In optical glass, measurement in the process is performed on witness samples. The challenge is the integration into the machine control system, where results are relayed in real-time for process control. High levels of flexibility and accuracy are required, as are easy operation of software and systems.

Applications Batch Processing

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    Optical glass

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    Display glass

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    Wafer based solar cells

Designed by industry, for industry

ZEISS optical measurement and compact spectrometer systems

ThinProcess® provides in-line and at-line measurement of spectral reflectance and transmittance as well as the determination of color values, spectra characteristics, coating thicknesses and other product-related parameters. They are designed for large-area, high-throughput coating systems, but are equally effective in helping you complete your daily routine jobs quickly and efficiently.

Performance you can count on

  • up to 20 Hz

    sampling rate / per measurement point

  • 6 m

    transverse length

  • 0.01 - 100 μm

    measuring range of layers

Our solutions at a glance

  • ThinProcess®

    One customizable, recipe-based software for an almost unlimited number of applications: monitoring, result display, result storage, communication

  • ProcessLinker

    Connecting monitoring software with plant control

  • SQL database

    Save all data in a Microsoft SQL database - query with all common tools

  • MES connection

    Transfer of results and system states, recipe switching

Reliability, accuracy and real-time data

All the benefits you need for a successful operation

  • Easy to use, integrate and rely on

    ThinProcess® can be used directly on the production line or as a desktop unit close to the process environment. The system is easily adjustable and adapts to existing or new coating processes. High measurement speed combined with precision and repeatability saves time and money and optimizes production.

  • Fast, reliable and flexible data

    When production is running at full speed, you need accurate data to make quick decisions. ThinProcess® provides you with real time insight into your process and results are stored in open and documented SQL databases, where information can be compared and benchmarked as well.

  • Powerful measurement

    Large measurement spaces make faster and more accurate in-line process control possible for microstructure surfaces. On top of that we are the only ones who offer absolute spectral reflection measurements without a reference standard – even in a vacuum. We also offer the measurement of protective layers and yellowness for the automotive industry.

  • Easy system integration

    ThinProcess® supports many common field busses, making it easy to integrate into higher level or autonomous control systems, as well as integration into MES through the SECS/GEM PV2 standard. Up to four layers or more can be measured with third party software. Optilayer users can evaluate more layers based on our data and we support the data transfer.

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