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The fuel for your success Optimize your corn-based ethanol production with ZEISS Spectroscopy

  • Eliminate variation
  • Increase efficiency
  • Measure byproducts

Keeping quality and profit consistent Challenges in corn-based ethanol production

  • Getting an overview

    Producing ethanol from corn is a biochemical process with natural variations in raw materials, affecting quality. Precise measurement of starch and protein content after grinding is necessary to allow for more accurate dosage of additives and enzymes in fermentation.

  • Getting the mix right

    Every element that is processed during production is important. Efficient utilization of materials contributes to sustainability while also achieving the highest possible economic gain with byproducts at the same time.

  • Measuring for profit

    Byproducts don’t always provide yields, as they are sometimes given away for free. Simply being able to measure the content of byproducts makes it possible to dry and sell them for profit as quality animal feed, for example.

By simply mounting the Corona® extreme NIR system in-line with the auger, directly after the hammer mill, our corn ethanol producing customers can rapidly and reliably detect the yield metrics for every shipment 24/7. Measurement data for moisture, starch, protein and oil can be continuously collected and streamed to multiple destinations on or off-site, for automated or manual changes to the process in real time.

Jeff Lorton

Ag Optix (USA), ZEISS Spectroscopy Authorized Dealer

Our solutions for your corn-based ethanol production

Measuring points and parameters

  • Corn measurement


    Measurement of moisture, starch, protein, oil and density at unloading.

  • Ground corn measurement

    Ground corn

    Measurement of moisture, starch, protein and oil after milling.

  • DDGS measurement


    Measurement of moisture, protein, oil and fiber after distillation and drying.

Profit from an optimized process The benefits of ZEISS Spectroscopy for ethanol production

Regardless of whether you need consistent quality control or you have to be flexible and test samples in the field or pre-processing, ZEISS Spectroscopy offers you the solutions for every challenge. Corona® extreme is ideal for in-line and at-line measurement and optimization and AURA® handheld NIR is perfect for agile, flexible spectroscopy.

  • Make quality a known quantity

    Get crucial data and quality parameters in real time, such as moisture, starch, protein, oil, density or fiber content. React quickly to variations in quality and make adjustments to your production based on precise data to optimize your product.

  • Make the most out of corn

    To make as much ethanol out of corn as possible, you need to optimize your fermentation process. Spectrometer systems from ZEISS tell you precisely how much starch and protein is in the corn, allowing you to add the exact dosage of enzymes necessary – and nothing more. This ensures your ethanol production is more efficient and makes better use of raw materials and ingredients.

  • Turn byproducts into profit

    Being able to measure protein and fat content exactly means you can turn byproducts that were previously sold or given away by weight into high quality feed sold off the back of constituent ingredients.

  • Contribute to a greener future

    Ethanol is renewable energy. ZEISS spectrometer systems help you make better quality ethanol using fewer natural resources and raw materials. Efficiency and process optimization contribute to and support the energy transition away from fossil fuels.


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    Spectrometer solutions for the ethanol industry

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