modern converting machine for foil
Thin Film Metrology

Perfection from constant layer evaluation ZEISS spectrometer systems for Converting

  • Steady and reliable process control
  • Clear and smooth substrate (e.g. PET)
  • Rough and opaque substrate (e.g. paper)
  • Layer thickness from 50 nm to 100 µm
  • Fast and efficient in high-throughput coating systems

A multitude of methods

Depending on the layer thickness, different algorithms or methods must be used to determine the layer thickness from the spectra, such as Fast Fourier Transformation, chemometric / near-infrared (NIR) analysis, physical modelling or UV measurement.

Tiny tolerances

Contact-free and non-destructive, high accuracy measurement is needed to meet stringent requirements for layer thicknesses, basis weights, color impression and similar optical parameters, as well as to determine the homogeneity on the surface of the end product.

Real time optimization

Relevant parameters must be recorded, displayed and evaluated in real time. This enables prompt intervention by personnel, automated control as well sorting tasks and classification.

Applications Converting

  • Colorful rolls with coated plastic foil


  • Scientist holds and bends flexible transparent ultra thin glass in laboratory

    Ultra thin glass

  • coated textile runs over large rolls in a textile factory


  • paper moves over rolls in a paper mill before coating


Designed by industry, for industry

ZEISS optical measurement and compact spectrometer systems

ThinProcess® provides in-line and at-line measurement of spectral reflectance and transmittance as well as the determination of color values, spectra characteristics, coating thicknesses and other product-related parameters. They are designed for large-area, high-throughput coating systems, but are equally effective in helping you complete your daily routine jobs quickly and efficiently.

Performance you can count on

  • > 6 m

    foil width

  • 0.05 - 10 μm

    layer thickness

  • 360-1,700 nm

    measurement of spectral transmission and reflectivity

Our solutions at a glance

  • ThinProcess®

    One customizable, recipe-based software for an almost unlimited number of applications: monitoring, result display, result storage, communication

  • ProcessLinker

    Connecting monitoring software with plant control

  • SQL database

    Save all data in a Microsoft SQL database - query with all common tools

  • MES connection

    Transfer of results and system states, recipe switching

Increased efficiency tailored to you

All the benefits you need for a successful operation

  • Developed for your needs

    Get real time data and compare it with historical and pre-set values. ThinProcess® is the ideal tool to make the most of measurement information and can easily adapt to constantly changing requirements. Placement of optical components is possible inside or outside the vacuum chamber.

  • Fully connected

    Data can be provided to the sensor network through OPC UA and into SQL databases, enabling Industry 4.0 solutions. ThinProcess® can also be integrated into MES environments.

  • More convenient

    ThinProcess® is self-calibrating, self-triggering and synchronizable, making it easy to use and integrate into your systems. Furthermore, real-time data also helps you to make quick decisions during the production process and allows you to complete routine jobs more easily even in high-throughput coating systems.

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