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Thin Film Metrology

Process control for large area coatings

  • Spectral reflection and transmission measurement technology
  • Reliable in-process metrology for process control solutions
  • Production quality control

We've got you covered Reliable solutions for coatings and processes

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Large Area Coating State-of-the-art measurement for state-of-the-art materials

Precise optical measurement and compact spectrometer systems for specialist industrial applications using large surface areas.

Futuristic Laboratory Male Scientist Works on His Transparent Computer Display, ThinProcess Software on screen, batch processing applications

Batch Processing Flexible systems to simplify process control and increase efficiency

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Converting Contact-free measurement and evaluation technology

Instant insight into the process React quickly, make changes and maintain control

ZEISS spectrometer systems determine the color and thickness of coatings as well as transmission and reflection spectra. This gives you instant insight into the state of the process and product, allowing you to quickly get coating systems running, changeover products efficiently and keep constant control.

  • Process control of coatings

    Following the coating process, the properties are determined by measuring spectral transmission and/or reflection. This is done inside coating chambers in a vacuum or in the atmosphere, with values provided immediately for corrective intervention if necessary.

  • Quality control in the production process

    Quality parameters such as color, layer homogeneity or color impression at different viewing angles are continuously measured and recorded without user intervention.

  • In-process metrology

    Systems are available for in-process measurement of coating parameters. These are characterized by high measurement speed and accuracy without sample adjustment.

  • Embedding in the process control system

    All ThinProcess® measuring systems store the results in an SQL database, with integration into the process control system taking place via optional fieldbus interfaces. Integration into MES is also possible.

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