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Diffraction gratings

Plane gratings Enhancing performance

ZEISS plane gratings fulfill the highest demands in spectrometers in terms of minimum stray light and maximum efficiency, combined with low wavefront aberrations for the best possible optical performance.  The blaze profile can be applied during the holography ("True Blaze Technology").

  • Available at short notice
  • Low stray light and low aberration
  • Optimized groove profile
  • Numerous standard configurations available
  • Custom design
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Plug and play performance Gratings that push the limits of your spectrometer

ZEISS plane gratings are easy to install and ready to use. With low stray light and high efficiency, ZEISS plane gratings are available in various substrate sizes for easy integration into your spectrometer. They can be bare Al (aluminium) or Al+MgF2 (aluminium +  magnesium fluoride) coated and have low wavefront aberrations. We can also produce and develop custom gratings tailored to your exact specifications.

Applicable across the board

Plane gratings are optical diffraction gratings on plane substrates. They have the broadest range of applications of all diffraction gratings and can be used in:

✔ monochromators
✔ polychromators
✔ laser technology
✔ beam splitting and combining
✔ aerospace engineering
✔ reflection standards
✔  wavelength de- and multiplexing

Plane gratings from ZEISS are optimized for spectral ranges between 100 nm and 50 μm. The gratings are mechanically ruled or holographically recorded depending on what method provides the better result. The possible grating profiles are:

✔ echelette or blaze
✔ sinusoidal
✔ laminar

Plane gratings catalogue

Drawing model for explanation of composition of the catalog number

Definition of catalogue numbers

Please note

The catalog number of each grating is created from various parameters. Please see the explanation below and make sure to define your preferred grating size in the request form.

Example: 263232xx902yy

xx” defines substrate format (see table below)

"yy" defines type of grating / coating:
23” – transmission grating (available upon request)
24”  – aluminum coating
25”  – gold coating (available upon request)

Available standard substrate sizes Other sizes incl. round substrates on request

Size Code

a x b x c [mm3]

d x e [mm2]


15 x 10 x 6

13 x 8


19 x 19 x 6

17 x 17


40 x 40 x 10

35 x 35


60 x 60 x 10

52 x 52


70 x 70 x 12

65 x 60


75 x 65 x 6

65 x 63


  • ZEISS Optical Gratings - Compendium

    ZEISS Optical Gratings - Compendium

    Pages: 54
    File size: 40 MB
  • ZEISS Optical Gratings - Product Line

    ZEISS Gratings Product line - an overview

    Pages: 12
    File size: 1 MB
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