Large sheets of glass on rollers
Thin Film Metrology

Control your coating process on-line ZEISS solutions for Large Area Coating

  • Reliable process control
  • High performance even in harsh environments
  • In-line and at-line measurement of spectral reflectance and transmittance
  • Works fast and efficiently even in high-throughput coating systems

Increasing complexity

Architectural glass is a modern marvel. Yet complex shapes require precision control and manufacturing, constantly monitoring parameters like color, layer thickness and sheet resistance.

Higher demands

Increasingly strict quality standards and performance requirements combined with high-cost pressure in the manufacture of  coated glass substrates require early identification of disruptions in production and an improved understanding of processes.

Quality control

For efficient quality assessment, it’s necessary to identify quality characteristics online based on process data. The increasing automation for quality and process monitoring places high demands on the precision and reliability of all in-line measuring systems used for inspection.

Applications Large Area Coating

  • Looking up at high rise office building architecture against blue sky in the financial district of a modern metropolis, architectural glass

    Architectural glass

  • Aerial view of solar cell field

    Thin film photovoltaics

  • glass facade skyscraper with blue electrochromic glass

    Electrochromic glass

  • view through the windshield of a car, glass for automotive industry


Designed by industry, for industry

ZEISS optical measurement and compact spectrometer systems

ThinProcess® provides in-line and at-line measurement of spectral reflectance and transmittance as well as the determination of color values, spectra characteristics, coating thicknesses and other product-related parameters. They are designed for large-area, high-throughput coating systems, but are equally effective in helping you complete your daily routine jobs quickly and efficiently.

Performance you can count on

  • up to 20 Hz

    high measurement speed, data point acquisition and evaluation

  • up to 6m

    width measurable

  • |∆L/a/b| ≤ 0.5

    color accuracy, compared with laboratory instrument  

Our solutions at a glance

  • ThinProcess®

    One customizable, recipe-based software for an almost unlimited number of applications: monitoring, result display, result storage, communication

  • ProcessLinker

    Connecting monitoring software with plant control

  • SQL database

    Save all data in a Microsoft SQL database - query with all common tools

  • MES connection

    Transfer of results and system states, recipe switching

Reliability, accuracy and real-time data

All the benefits you need for a successful operation

  • Extended expertise

    We are the only ones who can perform absolute spectral reflection measurements without a reference standard – in atmosphere as well as in vacuum. Furthermore, we provide solutions for both processing and final inspection, with a modular design that can add measurement positions or extend the wavelength range.

  • Accuracy at ease

    Take advantage of extremely high accuracy providing lab-like certainty as well as ease of use. ThinProcess® is simple to install and integrate and can also easily adapt to changing requirements. It also features self-calibration, self-triggering and synchronization and can be adapted to your exact needs.

  • Access all areas

    Real time data gives you insight into process variations and allows you to compare results with pre-set values as well as historical figures. This means you can react quickly and change process parameters, which increases your yields and profits. ThinProcess® helps you complete routine jobs quickly and efficiently even in high-throughput coating systems.  Providing data for the sensor network through OPC UA and SQL databases enables Industry 4.0 solutions and smart digital integration.

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