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NIR sensor technology for Precision Farming For optimized, more sustainable processes

  • Analyze crops, natural fertilizers & animal feed
  • Secure optimal processes in agriculture
  • Lab-like results in the field
  • One sensor solution for different applications in the agricultural cycle

The challenges for farming

  • Getting an overview

    It is often difficult to gain insight into the quality of the harvested crop while harvesting and to improve the process. Furthermore it is challenging to classify harvested crops and also to optimize further processing steps.

  • Obtaining a sample

    Getting samples from the field to the lab can take time and is not easily done. This also limits the possibility of taking direct action on site.

  • Dealing with the environment

    Demanding environmental conditions, such as dust, vibrations and the effects of climate change make reliable, real-time analysis in the field difficult. There is a need for sensor technology that can be used throughout the year in constantly changing environments.

Our solutions for precision farming

Corona® extreme device
Corona® extreme device

Supporting you in the field

Corona® extreme

Analyze a wide variety of ingredients in crops, feeds and farm manure in real time with lab-like results. Corona® extreme can be mounted on various agricultural machines such as forage harvesters, slurry tankers or combine harvesters. They provide the highest levels of performance under the most demanding conditions in terms of temperature range, vibration resistance and service life and can also perform stand-alone analysis in conjunction with our accessories such as TURNSTEP ST. For the best results in the field, Corona® extreme has been developed according to the requirements of the automotive industry and has been subjected to extensive environmental testing according to ISO standards during validation.
The results provided by Corona® extreme enable the optimization as well as the automatic control of processes. For example, the moisture values of corn chaff is measured on the spout of the forage harvester, which then influences chop length settings.

AURA® handheld NIR device
AURA® handheld NIR device

Portable spectroscopic power

AURA® handheld NIR

Providing high levels of spectroscopic performance in a portable housing, AURA® handheld NIR provides you with accurate and reliable measurement results when analyzing ingredients. For example, you can quickly and easily check the protein content of corn silage and subsequently optimize the mixing of feed for livestock.

Click on the spots to find out more about various measuring points and parameters.

Find out where we can make a difference to your business

Driveway and red barn, silo and crop field
Forage harvester

Measuring point:
at the spout of the forage harvester

Measuring parameters:
moisture, protein, starch, ash, ADF, NDF

Slurry tanker

Measuring point:
at the slurry tanker

Measuring parameter:
analysis of nitrogen


Measuring point:
in the barn

Measuring parameter:
protein content of corn silage

Combine harvester

Measuring point:
at the combine harvester

Measuring parameter:
moisture analysis of grain

Harvesting success

ZEISS spectrometers for more efficient farming

ZEISS spectroscopy solutions for modern farming give you the tools you need to increase the efficiency of your operation and allow you to make fast, quality-critical decisions. Designed for the demands of the agricultural industry, our spectrometers are rugged and reliable, giving you everything you need to get the most of your crops.

  • Get all the information

    Our spectrometer systems allow farmers to make decisions quickly, based on accurate measurement values in the field to efficiently optimize downstream processes. Corona® extreme enables real-time yield measurement during harvest (moisture, dry matter, protein, starch, fiber).

  • Use anywhere in any conditions

    Corona® extreme works reliably in the widest variety of challenging conditions and performs safe and effective measurement when mounted on agricultural machines. Corona® extreme is also flexible and can be used on or next to agricultural machines and in the barn as well.

  • Perfectly adapted

    Corona® extreme is perfectly adapted to the agricultural ecosystem/periphery in agriculture and agricultural machinery, including mechanical electrical and communication interfaces.

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