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Diffraction Gratings

Grisms Combining plane grating diffraction with prism refraction

A grism is the combination of a prism and a grating. The grisms we offer combine the dispersion properties of gratings with those of a prism. ZEISS can design and produce custom grisms according to your exact specifications.

  • Fully customizable
  • High performance
  • Low stray light
  • Wide range of optical materials from UV to IR
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Combine gratings and prisms exactly the way you want

Plane gratings can be combined with customer-specific prisms (in terms of material and dimensions) to provide the best possible support for your application needs. ZEISS grisms are also very easy to use with little adjustment required. Optically, they offer low wavefront aberration, good stray light performance and can be AR coated as well and custom made to your exact specifications.

Grating prisms (Grisms)

Combining a grating and prism allows for the variation of the grating constant and prism angle to set a non-deflected wavelength, center wavelength or straight-view wavelength, in terms of incoming light.

Used for applications at wavelengths between about 190 nm and 2 μm, the transmission grating is usually located on the hypotenuse surface of the prism. Depending on the optical prism material, such a grating is replicated on the prism.

Custom made Grisms can be applied on the standard available plane gratings. Please see plane gratings catalogue for more information.


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