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Towards smarter, greener lighting LED lighting

The LED lighting market is driven by rapid growth, strengthened by global energy policies for the substitution of incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs. LED or OLED arrays and assemblies are used for smart lighting and the automotive sector. Colorimetric and photometric testing during production at wafer level and with finished LEDs is necessary to ensure uniform color characteristics.

Precise color management Displays, projectors & printing

Displays of all kinds are omnipresent in our daily life  – in mobile phones, tablets, PCs, video walls, TVs or in cars, smart homes or digital signs. The most popular imaging technologies for displays are LCD, LED, OLED or Mini- and Micro-LED. To ensure high product quality, solutions offering precise color calibration and a profiling of displays, projectors, cameras and printers is critical.

LED lighting

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LED testing

ZEISS optical gratings and spectrometers allow for the optical inspection of LEDs for quality assurance and control as well as testing and binning during production. Binning systems in particular ensure tight consistency in color and the electrical characteristics of LED batches, which guarantees high product quality. ZEISS CGS-CCD spectrometers (190 - 1015 nm) are ideal for LED quality control and for binning systems measuring luminosity and chromaticity. The CGS spectrometer features a high sensitivity BT-CCD with minimal integration times (30 μs), global electronic shutter, excellent thermal stability (< 0.02 nm/K) and low stray light (< 0.01 % uncorrected). The optomechanical design also provides long-term stable calibration and high measurement repeatability. Plane gratings  in the UV-VIS to NIR spectral range with line densities  from 30 l/mm to 3600 l/mm enable customized spectrometer solutions for our customers with the lowest resolution and low stray light, enhancing the optical performance of spectrometers.

Displays, projectors & printing

Open Pantone sample colors catalogue for color calibration

Color management

For displays, projectors, and the printing industry, accurate color measurement according to standards is a common task.  Luminance, viewing angle, and grayscale are key optical qualities in addition to color value. ZEISS offers tailored  MMS-1 spectrometers to profile and calibrate displays, projectors, cameras and printers, ensuring color fidelity problems are avoided and a precise color reproduction is guaranteed. ThinProcess® measures display glass or film, for at-line and in-line display coating machine quality  control.
Plane gratings for displays, color standards, luminance and viewing angle measurement tools are cost effective components that are ideal for high-volume manufacturing, which ensures ZEISS quality for gratings.

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