Potato chips, snacks in a bowl

Eliminate waste – maximize taste with ZEISS spectrometer systems for snacks and potato products

  • Measure and analyze various quality parameters at the same time in real time
  • Constantly control and optimize your snack and potato production process
  • Save money, time and resources by increasing efficiency and eliminating waste
  • Reduce your environmental footprint

Meeting demands – maintaining standards The challenges of the snacks and potato processing industry

  • Keeping consumers happy

    Snacks and potato products are popular, yet the large target market is very discerning. Even the smallest variations in flavor, salt or fat content are noticeable and can lead to changes in consumption habits and outspoken feedback, as well as losses of market share and image.

  • Controlling quality constantly

    Natural raw ingredients vary. Nevertheless it is important to produce a consistent product that fulfils supplier demands, regulatory guidelines and environmental standards.

  • Reducing losses

    Variations in levels of fat, moisture, starch and flavoring can lead to batches being rejected. Precise ingredient measurement, analysis and management is necessary to make the most of your raw materials and react quickly to keep production on track.

  • Keeping production running

    On high volume snack production lines, measurement and analysis needs to be quick and happen continuously in real time. The key is being able to react immediately to variations. This keeps things moving and avoids interrupting processes and reducing productivity.

  • Producing products sustainably

    Efficient processes use fewer resources to make more product. Exact measurement and snack product analysis is necessary to ensure nothing goes to waste and snack and potato products can be made with lower levels of energy and CO2 emissions.

Our solutions for your snacks and potato products

  • Corona® extreme mounted to a downpipe using a power flange

    Corona® extreme

    Data about critical parameters for snack and potato products like fat, moisture, starch and sugar are provided instantly – even in the most challenging conditions. Optimize your production in real time and ensure you always adhere to exact recipes to deliver superior quality. Improve profitability and make better use of natural resources thanks to precise measurement.

    • Works in tough environments with dust, debris and vibration, temperatures of -15 °C to 50 °C and shocks of up to 50 g
    • Ideal for measurement at pipelines and other closed transport systems
    • Can be used in process (inline), at the line or in the lab thanks to excellent measurement performance
    • Performs reliable, near-infrared (NIR) measurement of snacks and potato products continuously
  • Corona® process over conveyor belt at tortilla chips factory

    Corona® process

    Giving you all the information you need to ensure quality stays consistent, near-infrared measurement covers ingredients, such as fat, moisture, starch and sugar, while visible measurement keeps an eye on true color values. Adjust when necessary thanks to real time data and improve yields with precise information about batches and material usage.

    • Can be used above a conveyor belt or blender directly in the production line
    • Measures ingredient composition (fat, moisture, salt) and external appearance (color) simultaneously
    • Provides increased safety, thanks to backup lamps for continuous measurement
    • Performs reliable, near-infrared (NIR) and visible measurement of snacks and potato products continuously, irrespective of the distance to the sensor to the sample

Click on the spots to find out more about various measuring points and parameters

Every measurement makes a difference

Various snacks and potato products illustration measurement points and parameters
Potato pancakes

Measuring point:
After deep frying
Measuring parameters:
Fat, moisture, color

Potato flakes

Measuring point:                       

Measuring parameters:

After dehydration  


Bulk density, moisture



Color, salt, moisture, bulk weight


Transfer of residuals (animal feed)


Dry mass

Potato starch

Measuring point:
In the drying tower
Measuring parameters:

French fries

Measuring point:                       

Measuring parameters:

Before deep frying


Starch and sugar

Deep frying


FFA in deep-frying fat


After deep frying


Moisture and fat content, color

Bakery products

Measuring point:
After frying
Measuring parameters:
Color (degree of bake), moisture


Measuring point:
Seasoning drum
Measuring parameters:
Salt and sugar content

Extruded products

Measuring point:


Measuring parameters:

After the oven


Color, moisture

Seasoning drum


Seasoning, salt content


Measuring point:


Measuring parameters:

After frying





Seasoning, salt content


Measuring point:


Measuring parameters:

After frying



Moisture and fat content, color

Seasoning drum


Salt content

A full spectrum of benefits We help you produce better quality snack and potato products

Corona® extreme and Corona® process are your recipes for success, thanks to real time measurement in a variety of production environments. Make instant adjustments to account for quality variations in snack and potato products, while optimizing your usage of resources at the same time.

  • Icon quality decisions

    Make better quality decisions

    Keep customers happy with consistent product quality and quickly react to deviations in parameters. Continuously monitor changes in levels of fat, moisture, salt, color and flavorings. Make production adjustments in real time to always achieve the same specifications in the final product.

  • Icon measurement

    Measure more, accurately

    In addition to ingredients, you can also accurately measure color in standard values, which is a key element in snack and potato products. This makes for a more appealing product and also provides detailed insight about composition to make sure the taste and the look consumers love doesn't change.

  • Icon flexibility

    Enjoy more flexibility

    Make adjustments in real time and profit from quicker and more efficient changes on the production line, allowing you to produce a wider range to satisfy a larger variety of consumers and shorten running in phases for new products.

  • Icon sustainablity

    Be greener

    Maximize yield, minimize waste and achieve climate goals by making the most of natural resources and achieving higher efficiency. Faster and more effective changes on the production line allow you to reduce loss and increase product variety, while gaining more from ingredients such as potatoes at the same time.

  • Icon connectivity

    Stay connected

    Connected spectroscopy makes quality control and monitoring possible in real time, anywhere and at any time. Easily integrate our devices and software into your networks and profit from smart production solutions.


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  • ZEISS spectroscopy solutions for the snack industry

    with Corona® process from ZEISS

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