two cows standing in an open barn, recycling of waste in the animal processing industry

Putting all the value to good use Increasing efficiency in animal rendering with ZEISS Spectroscopy

  • Improve byproducts
  • Work sustainably
  • Guarantee quality

Using the full potential Challenges in the animal rendering industry

  • Increasing efficiency

    Animal products and byproducts are valuable commodities. It’s important to work with these products sustainably – using every element efficiently. It’s also necessary to provide high yields and maintain profit margins at the same time.

  • Optimizing your process

    When it comes to byproducts, improving quality, controlling moisture and complying with legally permissible maximum values is essential. Levels that are too high lead to spoilage and it’s important to ensure that the drying process is optimized to provide for the longest possible shelf life.

We design, manufacture and service process systems and equipment for many of today’s vital protein recycling and renewables industries. That’s why we need to rely on accurate, consistent results and equipment that works as hard as we do. Corona® extreme from ZEISS plays a key role in our complete, high-performance systems and ensures that our solutions never let our clients down, no matter how hard the challenge.

Richard Weeks

Director of Sales, The Dupps Company (USA)

Our solutions for your process

Helping you make the most of animal products

Corona® extreme allows you to monitor various parameters in meat and bone meal or in animal fat and oils in real time, anytime. Make instant adjustments at-line or in-line to account for quality variations in raw materials and byproducts, while optimizing usage of resources at the same time.

Corona® extreme full-scale spectrometer

  • works in tough environments with dust, debris and vibration, temperatures of -15 °C to 50 °C and shocks of up to 50 times force of gravity
  • can be used in process (in-line), at the line or in the lab thanks to excellent measurement performance
  • performs reliable, non-destructive near-infrared (NIR) measurement of samples continuously

Turning byproducts into better products A range of benefits for animal rendering

Improve quality by ensuring quality levels remain high involves reliable and precise measurement of parameters such as fat, protein, moisture and ash (before drying and separation), through to measuring meat and bone meal before storage.

  • Increase revenue

    Precise in-line determination of constituent parts in byproducts, such as protein and fats, allows for certification and classification. This increases the viability and value of byproducts, as they can be sold to the pet food and feed industries.

  • Boost sustainability

    In-line optimization of the drying process to control moisture levels helps to increase shelf life. This means that byproducts which would normally be thrown or given away can be turned into valuable commodities and reused again.

  • Create value

    Keep quality consistent and generate the highest yields by keeping a constant eye on crucial parameters, such as free fatty acids, moisture, insoluble residues, protein, fat and ash.


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      With ZEISS Corona extreme

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