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ZEISS Optical Gratings

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High performance, aberration corrected ZEISS optical gratings offer preeminent precision for your analytical devices. Regardless of your application needs, our standard and customized solutions enhance your systems and drive your success. At ZEISS, we work together with you as partners to develop exactly the right grating solution for your needs.

  • Custom design options
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Optical and mechanical features suiting your requirements
  • Customer-focused
  • Wide range of applications

ZEISS Optical Gratings The right grating for every type of spectrometer

Plane grating product picture

Plane gratings

Plane diffraction gratings for many applications in various industrial fields

Rowland circle grating product picture

Rowland circle gratings

Concave gratings for Rowland circle spectrometers

Mono- & Polychromator grating product picture

Mono- & Polychromator gratings

Aberration corrected concave gratings for polychromator and monochromator setups

Grism product picture


Combining gratings and prisms (Grism) as components for your individual spectrometer design

Offner grating product picture

Offner gratings

Convex aberration corrected gratings for hyperspectral imaging

Laser grating product picture

Laser gratings

High efficiency plane gratings for sophisticated laser system applications


  • > 80 years

    manufacturing competence in optical gratings

  • > 2 million

    gratings manufactured

  • > 200

    different standard gratings


  • ZEISS Optical Gratings - Compendium

    ZEISS Optical Gratings - Compendium

    Pages: 54
    File size: 40 MB
  • ZEISS Optical Gratings - Product Line

    ZEISS Gratings Product line - an overview

    Pages: 12
    File size: 1 MB

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