Corona process

Corona process

The New ZEISS Spectrometer System also on Conveyor Belts

Corona process


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Corona process

Corona process

The New ZEISS Spectrometer System for the Food Industry

Corona process

Meets all necessary requirements at the highest level

  • Introduction

    Perfectly coordinated components combined with new ZEISS ProcessAssist systems make Corona process one of the safest spectrometer systems. The quality parameters which are relevant for your process can be measured even more comfortably using the ZEISS ProcessAssist.

    Corona process warns you if critical limit values are being exceeded and a reaction is required immediately. The automatic logging of the environmental conditions always ensures reliable measuring results regardless of the sample height, temperature, air humidity or vibrations. If necessary, it also controls internal referencing. To avoid down time, bulb functioning is also monitored automatically. If a bulb fails, the second full-power bulb is deployed immediately and the Corona process can continue its tasks uninterrupted.

  • Technology

    • plane grating spectrometer (PGS)

    • monolithic miniature spectrometer (MMS)

    • internal referencing


    • non-sensitive to distance variation

    • redundant halogen lamp


    • stainless steel housing according to hygiene standards

    • IP67, ATEX zone 22

    • simple and customized assembly


    • innovative plug design

    • Ethernet, digital ins and outs, 24 V power supply

  • Benefits

    Every process is different and has its own very unique conditions – some of which may be extreme. However, for the new Corona process this is not a problem. The large spectral range which covers the visible and the near infrared range enables a broad spectrum of applications.  

    With its compact build, Corona process may be easily integrated into any technological process. The optics, spectrometer, electronics and referencing are all located in the same housing together with the measurement head, so that only one installation site is required. Since there is no need to use light guides, influencing and losses do not occur. Thanks to its stainless steel housing, Corona process not only looks good, it also meets all hygiene requirements. This measuring system boasts excellent long-term stability and does not require frequent external calibration. At a distance of 80 to 600 mm from the sample, it measures with the same accuracy all the time. This is unaffected by temperature fluctuations from – 10 to + 50 °C. Corona process is protected against shock and vibrations and delivers analysis data reliably in all process environments. The bulbs have a total service life of 20,000 hours – making them fit for continuous operation for two years. In addition, the new Corona process requires remarkably little maintenance.


    ZEISS ProcessAssits

    More in-process reliability
    • Automatic internal referencing depending on environmental conditions
    • Automatic monitoring of bulb function and automatic switching to the second full-power bulb
    • Automatic compensation of sample distance influence even when sample heights vary dramatically
    • Automatic warning when limit values are exceeded
  • Usages

    For the highest demands: Corona process

    The requirements in food production environments concerning quality and hygiene are extremely high. The careful use of resources and the avoidance of waste are important factors in terms of the environmental scorecard. To ensure profitable production, process inspections and optimization take on major importance. Corona process allows producers to put economic and environmental claims into practice – no matter in which field of the food industry they are operating.

    Industries Application Products Parameters Results
    Meat Products analysis on mixer sausage meat for various types of sausage, minced meat fat, lean meat, water, salt Compliance with formulas and legal limit values
    Dairy Products process and final inspection  raw milk, whey, milk and whey powder, butter, etc.  fat, protein, moisture, fat-free dry mass  process optimization, consistent product quality, waste reduction 
    Vegetables Analysis during blanching  peas, beans, broccoli, etc.  degree of doneness, color  shortening of process time, waste reduction 
    Potato Products process control  fries, potato chips, potato-based finished products  color, moisture, fat, starch, salt  process optimization, shortening of process time, reduction of energy consumption 
    Coffee analysis during roasting coffee beans degree of roasting and color optimization and control of roasting process and of the desired quality
    Tobacco inspection of incoming goods, optimization and control of the manufacturing process raw tobacco, fine cut, raw tobacco powder moisture, nicotine, sugar quality of raw materials, adherence to formula, increased productivity, traceability 
  • Technical Data
    Technical data Corona process
    Usable spectral range
    380 nm – 1650 nm
    Spectral resolution (half width at tenth maximum)
    ≤ 10 nm
    Wavelength accuracy
    ≤ 1.0 nm
    Measuring distance
    100 mm – 590 mm
    Measuring spot
    > 30 mm
    Light source, service life of bulb
    2 halogen bulbs (1 redundant), each 10.000 h
    Housing size B x H x T
    360 x 160 x 220 mm³
    15 kg
    Protection class
    II 3D Ex tc IIIC T70°C Dc IP67
    Operating temperature
    -10 °C to 50 °C
    Warm-up time
    < 30 min
  • Download

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