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Corona® process The spectrometer that does it all

Corona® process from ZEISS is the one spectrometer system you need for all your measurement needs. With its extended wavelength range, it can determine ingredients and colors simultaneously and provides precise and reproducible results.

  • Results in seconds
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Conveyor belt measurement
  • Optimal process control
  • Increase efficiency

Get the full picture Measure color, ingredients and more

A full-scale spectrometer, such as Corona® process from ZEISS captures all the crucial quality information in the 380 to 1650 nm wavelength range. This means that you can measure true color values as well as ingredients at the same time, without additional filters or changing the device.  Corona® process provides you with precise, reproducible results to optimize your production, reduce waste and increase profit.

hand turns a control knob to maximum efficiency

Optimizes your production Use resources better, react to process variations, adjust in real time

From a variety of agricultural applications to food production, Corona® process provides you spectroscopic measurement in real time, all the time. Determine the quality of ingredients instantly and make crucial decisions or change the product you’re producing without interruption. Determine the quality of raw materials and use them in a targeted way, increasing the efficiency of production.

Corona® process over conveyor belt at cheese factory

Consistent performance Accurate data regardless of distance

Corona® process can be mounted on conveyor belts and downpipes, providing measurement without direct contact with the sample. This gives you all the data you need with the same performance at a distance of 100 to 600 mm. Internal referencing provides even more accuracy and mitigates changing environmental conditions. Intuitive software and easy integration into existing networks completes the package.

The ZEISS Corona® process does not only help us to take immediate action on near real time quality exceptions, it also helps us provide targeted training and feedback to our teams.

Amit Raniga

Director of Majans Pty Ltd.

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Every element matters Unlock the full potential of your production

Corona® process with detailed description of the components
Mechanical interface

for easy and convenient mounting above samples

Specially designed lamps

for use in spectrometers and in food production industry; a 20,000-hour lifespan and automatic fail-safe function ensure high levels of process stability

Full-scale spectrometer

to cover a wide wavelength range between 380 and 1,650 nm to accurately measure quality parameters such as fat, moisture, sugar, spices and colors in various standardized color scales

Measuring window

to keep it clear, an optional air purge ring can be mounted

Distance sensor

ensures consistently accurate and reproducible measurement results regardless of the distance of the measuring window to the sample

LED status display

for constant operational readiness and convenient monitoring of functional activity

Lemo contacts with IP67

perfectly protected for demanding applications in the food industry

Hygienic design

with a food grade, stainless steel housing

Excellent integratability

communication with common fieldbus systems and industry standards, like OPC UA, DA, Modbus, Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet/ IP and more

Internal reference

for constantly precise measurement results, irrespective of external factors such as temperature variations

Expand your possibilities

With the right software for your hardware

engineer sits in front of the computer in a production environment in his office, the screens show the interface of the inprocess software

ZEISS InProcess software - easy to use and up to the task

Our InProcess software is designed not just to provide you with all the information you need quickly, but also to give you a range of customizable options to suit your exact needs.

InProcess is ready for Industry 4.0 and provides the ideal platform to profit from connected spectroscopy and access your measurements from anywhere, at any time, thanks to easy cloud integration.

Accessories for Corona® process

HMI accessoire for Corona® process


Unlock Corona® process' full potential with custom HMI systems. Connect via Profibus or Ethernet/IP, with measurement values and trends displayed directly on site.

TURNSTEP ST accessoire for Corona® process


Tailor made to fit onto Corona® process, TURNSTEP ST rotates samples in a sample bowl during measurement allowing for larger analysis quantities and more representative results next to the line or at-line.

Air purge ring accessoire for Corona® process

Air purge ring

A clean measurement is key to precise results. The air purge ring keeps the measuring window free of product debris, steam and grease, providing even better performance.


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