AURA® handheld NIR device
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AURA® handheld NIR It’s in your hands

AURA® handheld NIR from ZEISS is a powerful portable spectroscopy solution. Measure samples in the field and rely on robust performance and precise results in the widest variety of environments.

  • Lab-quality results anywhere, anytime
  • Full spectrometer – ready to go out of the box
  • Instant data transfer from the field to the lab
  • Rugged design for maximum durability
Man holds AURA® handheld NIR and measures the sample directly in the field
Jeff Lorton (Ag Optix)

Bring the spectrometer to the sample Measure more flexibly

Measure where you want when you want with AURA® handheld NIR. Offering unparalleled flexibility and mobility, you can get accurate, lab-quality results on site and in the field in just about any weather conditions. Long battery life and quick changes also means you can maximize measuring time and WiFi connectivity allows you to upload and store results from anywhere.

Man holds AURA® handheld NIR and measures the sample directly in the field
Jeff Lorton (Ag Optix)

Take measures into your own hands Laboratory spectrometer quality on the move

Anything a large spectrometer does, AURA® handheld NIR can do as well, but all in the palm of your hand and easy enough for anyone to operate. Get reliable, lab-quality results with a portable, complex spectrometer that can even be handled by non-experts and offers low costs and high connectivity as an ethernet-ready computer.

different cereals lie next to each other, wheat, corn, legumes, rice, beans

Designed for maximum performance and convenience Built around you and your spectroscopy needs

AURA® handheld NIR provides a wide variety of application possibilities and several different measurement parameters. Regardless of the environment, AURA® handheld NIR gives you the results you need to optimize your process and monitor quality.

With AURA® handheld NIR from ZEISS, food producers can get accurate lab-quality results – anywhere and anytime they need them. From raw bulk goods to finished products, AURA® provides instant quality assurance and validation to food processes around the globe. This handheld device offers intelligent flexibility, accuracy and reliability that you can depend on.

Jeff Lorton

Ag Optix (USA)

Our handheld device has a polychromator with a measuring head for diffuse reflection. It is fiber-free, has high-energy illumination and internal referencing, and a built-in computer.

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AURA® handheld NIR Built around you and your spectroscopy needs

AURA® handheld NIR with detailed description of the components
Sapphire window

virtually unbreakable and scratch proof - as hard as a diamond

Start measurement button

in an ergonomically sensible position, can be operated intuitively

Battery pack
  • durable (2 hours of measurement possible), replaceable, comfortable
  • standard handle: 14.4 V DC, 3450 mAh, 49.7 Wh


Power ON button

performance at your fingertips, instantly ready to go


user-friendly, easy to operate, clear software interface with a large result display


data exchange between AURA® handheld NIR and storage media or PCs is possible via Ethernet or USB 2.0 when Wifi is unavailable

Two status LEDs

show the current operational status of the system and battery

Robust housing

degree of protection: IP54

operating temperature: 5° to 40°

storage temperature: -20° to 60°C

Full-scale spectrometer

to cover a wavelength range from 950 to 1650 nm

Battery pack
  • durable (2 hours of measurement possible), replaceable, comfortable
  • slanted handle: 10.8 V DC, 6900 mAh, 74.52 Wh

Expand your possibilities

with the right software for your hardware

AURA® handheld NIR with InProcess Software showing on display, lying on corn

ZEISS InProcess software - easy to use and up to the task

Our InProcess software is designed specifically to get the best performance out of AURA® handheld NIR. Easy to use and intuitive, it can provide you not just with all the information you need quickly and easily, but can also be tailored to your specific needs, thanks to a range of customization options.


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    The portable spectrometer solution

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The ideal applications

Take AURA® handheld NIR to the field

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