ZEISS Drive Sun Lens Solutions

ZEISS Drive Sun Lenses

Effective lens tints that offer your customers a clear road ahead.

Driving requires more than simple UV protection. It’s a core need for drivers to feel safe and comfortable in challenging light conditions. The specialised technology and lens tints are, however, also suitable for other purposes.

  • Full protection against UVA and UVB radiation
  • Increase visual comfort by reducing glare
  • Over 99% polarisation efficiency
Clear view from driver's perspective atof street and landscape through ZEISS Lens from Drive Collection
Clear view from driver's perspective at street and landscape through ZEISS Lens from Drive Collection

Ideal selection of driving solutions that offers comfort and more contrast.

An ideal selection of driving solutions, offering your customers comfort and more contrast. Appropriate light and glare protection for driving is a must. Sunglasses for driving should offer more than just UV protection. It’s a core need for drivers to feel safe and comfortable in challenging light conditions.

Sun lens options available in the Drive collection:

  • ZEISS Skylet Road
  • ZEISS Polarised Skylet Road
  • ZEISS Polarised Lenses

Market research revealed: Customer needs and use of sunglasses show three major trends.

  • 87 %

    of customers use sunglasses for casual events, formal occasions and to look fashionable.1

  • 45 %

    of sunglasses wearers also wear it for driving.1

  • 79 %

    of  customers wear sunglasses outdoors.1

ZEISS Drive: Offer your customers a clear and sunny road ahead

The answer to every driver’s needs. This is the perfect choice for medium to high light intensity levels.

Safety and comfort with:

  • Skylet® high contrast tint .
  • ZEISS DriveSafe with Polarised Skylet® Road: The ultimate daytime driving lens for your customers.
  • Polarised Skylet®: Over 99% polarisation efficiency.
ZEISS Drive: Offer your customers a clear and sunny road ahead
View from the driver's perspective of street and landscape through ZEISS Skylet sunglasses lenses

Skylet® sunglasses lenses

Compared to traditional sunglasses lenses, Skylet® displays higher transmission in the wavelength region where the eye is particularly sensitive (V λ = 555 nm). With the same level of light absorption as other lenses, Skylet® therefore appears to be subjectively brighter to the wearer. It will still provide your customers with a high level of protection against glare.

Skylet®: Sun protection with contrast enhancement

Skylet® sun lenses have been specially designed for situations where greaterer protection against UV light and glare is necessary. It is also perfect for conditions where high levels of contrast is required.

Skylet® sunglass lenses

Illustration of ZEISS Skylet Road Lens with brown tint

Skylet® Road

Sun protection lens with 80% light absorption that can be prescribed to your customers for all-round use. Drivers, motorcyclists, surfers, hikers, yachting enthusiasts and cyclists will appreciate the attractive brown tint’s contrast-enhancing effect in medium-to-bright sunshine.

The combination of Skylet® Road colour with polarisation results in an exceptional lens for driving and is called SkyPol Road.

Illustration of ZEISS Skylet Sport Lens with dark brown tint

Skylet® Sport

Dark brown sun protection lens with 90% light absorption. Your customers can use these lenses for driving, but it is also suitable for various other situations. It is particularly recommended for dazzling light and glare, e.g. on glaciers, in high mountainous areas, on water and for flying. Very dark brown tint.

Illustration of ZEISS Skylet® Fun Lens with orange brown tint

Skylet® Fun

The brightest Skylet® lens with 70% light absorption. It’s possible to use the lens for driving, but it is particularly suitable for inclement weather and situations where visibility is hazy, e.g. for skiing, gliding, hiking or water sports. Cosmetically attractive, orange-brown tint.

Polarised Skylet®: combines a polarisation filter with contrast-enhancing Skylet® tinting

The benefits for the wearer:

  • Polarising filter against irritating reflections.
  • Optimised glare protection.
  • Full UV protection.
  • Light and comfortable to wear.
Polarised Skylet®

Polarised lenses are also available in additional colours

ZEISS Polarised Lenses provide full UV protection.

The Polarised Skylet® portfolio offers an attractive range of colours with the benefits of the Skylet® colour: Fun, Road, Sport

Illustration of ZEISS Polarised Lenses in the colour option brown
Illustration of ZEISS Polarised Lens in the colour option grey
Illustration of ZEISS Polarised Lens in the colour option pioneer (grey-green lens tint)

Innovation behind ZEISS Drive Sun Lenses Technologies explained.

  • Skylet®

    Special colour tints with selective absorption for higher contrast.

  • Polarised Skylet®

    Polarisation filter with contrast-enhancing Skylet® tinting.

  • Cosmetic Edge® Technology

    Technology reduces the edge thickness to allow fitting into wrapped frames.2

  • UVProtectTM Technology

    A higher level of UV protection, which enables clear ZEISS lenses to block harmful UV rays up to 400 nm. This is the same standard of UV protection premium sunglasses provide.

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  • 2

    Depending on the shape, size, lens power and centration data, compared to standard ZEISS Sport lenses.