ZEISS prescription safety eyewear for employers

Protection, productivity, and adherence to safety regulations.

Most of us spend almost one third of our life at work, and a healthy work environment should always be a top priority. With ZEISS safety eyewear, you can help your business customers offer their employees both optimal vision for the tasks they perform and the protection their eyes need. The ZEISS CE marked prescription safety eyewear range ensures adherence to regulations. As an optician, you will guide the employees of your customer in choosing the optimal ZEISS lens design, material, coating and frame, for all day safe and comfortable vision at work.

  • CE marking for assurance of performance, safety and adherence to regulations
  • Tailor made visual correction for increased productivity
  • Comfort, durability and a variety of models, for every employee’s taste

CE marked to guarantee performance and regulations adherence

CE marking of personal protective equipment is regulated by Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2016 on personal protective equipment and European Standard EN166:2001 for personal eye-protection.

The quality and performance of our safety eyewear is a top priority at ZEISS. Rigorous independent testing on impact resistance, transmission and distortion ensure that we are able to supply certified and approved CE marked safety eyewear, where optical measurements meet the requirements of ISO 8980-1 and ISO 8980-2.

Lens design for every employee’s visual needs

ZEISS prescription safety eyewear come with lens designs that can be tailored to your visual need: single vision, progressive and bifocal designs, as well as designs adapted for screens and detailed work on near distance.

Strong and durable materials for employee safety

The choice of lens material depends greatly on the purpose for which the glasses are to be used and the safety requirements.

Safe and strong lightweight lenses with a very hard surface. This lens type meets the mechanical impact requirements according to EN166-F, making them the first choice for many work safety representatives around Europe.

Lightweight plastic lenses for high comfort. This lens type meets the requirements of increased mechanical strength according to European standard EN-166-S. These lenses are often chosen when the risk of mechanical impact is less significant.

Hardened mineral lenses
Chemically hardened mineral lenses, which meet the resistance requirements of EN-166-S. Highly scratch resistant, but heavier than plastic and polycarbonate.

Coatings for durability and visual comfort

Coatings making sure that the lenses last longer, while also enhancing both vision and aesthetics.

  • Hard coating

    ZEISS unique hard coating for plastic lenses offers excellent scratch resistance, while also making the lens able to handle sudden temperature variations

  • Anti-reflective coating

    Anti-reflective coating transmits light well, while also offering dust, dirt and water repellence, as well extra scratch resistance.

Certified self-tinting prescription safety eyewear

Self-tinting lenses quickly change from clear lenses to sun lenses and back again – perfect for working both indoors and outdoors! Our self-tinting prescription safety eyewear are certified for industrial use in accordance with EN172. Sunglasses efficiently protect the eyes against UV radiation and glare, to reduce eye strain and enhance visual perception. To reduce reflections, an AR-coating is recommended.

Comfortable frames for all day use

ZEISS prescription safety eyewear come with a carefully selected range of quality frames. For safety and protection, the frames need to be durable and strong. Together with our suppliers, we also put a lot of effort into finding comfortable and lightweight designs. We want every employee to be able to enjoy sharp vision and protection, all day long.    

ZEISS Spectacle case & user’s information booklet

  • Durable spectacle case in a stylish design.
  • Light and shock-resistant plastic.
  • Lining with a soft, brushed finish.
  • Practical zipper closure
  • A plastic hook allows you to easily carry the case with you.
  • User information in practical pocket format, which can be stored in the case for daily use and future reference.

Business solutions from ZEISS:
Clear vision for productivity and eye protection for safety

As a lens supplier, ZEISS offers complete solutions for eye health and safety, together with our optician partners. We have solutions for your company no matter what field – industry, office or transport. As an employer, you can contribute to creating a safe and productive work environmen,t by making sure your employees have eyewear that is tailor made for their needs and area of work.


    • Certificate EU Regulation 2016/425 for Safety Eyewear

      Pages: 7
      File size: 327 KB
    • ZEISS EU Declaration of conformity_DK

      Pages: 2
      File size: 162 KB
    • ZEISS EU Declaration of conformity_SE_FI_NO

      Pages: 2
      File size: 183 KB
    • Safety Spectacles User’s information

      Pages: 2
      File size: 262 KB
    • ZEISS SafetyEyewear Product information 2023

      Pages: 16
      File size: 1 MB

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