From Complex to Clear: New Demo Tools Make Eyeglass Lenses Consultations Easier to Understand

How eye care professionals can simplify consultations using digital and physical tools that help them explain their offerings

1 July 2024

Every day, countless people around the world buy eyeglasses. And each one has different needs, requirements, and levels of knowledge when it comes to this everyday visual aid. These differences require personalized consultation, for which ZEISS has developed a new toolbox.

The concept of eyeglass lenses may seem simple, but they are actually enormously complex. Even if lenses have the same prescription, the optical features and thus performance often differ significantly between different lenses. To provide clear vision and a high level of visual comfort, lenses should always be chosen according to lifestyle, habits, and everyday activities. This is why eye care consultations are crucial. "The features of an eyeglass lens can be explained verbally, but with the support of digital and physical tools in a much more impressive, understandable and interactive way," explains Christoph Wenzel, Head of Retail Lab & In-Store Innovation at ZEISS Vision Care.

The features of an eyeglass lens can be explained verbally, but with the support of digital and physical tools in a much more impressive, understandable and interactive way.

Christoph Wenzel

Head of Retail Lab & In-Store Innovation at ZEISS Vision Care

The right toolset for consultations

ZEISS supports eye care professionals with digital and physical tools to improve their consultation skills. In addition to digital offers that have been available for some time, such as the ZEISS Online Vision Screening and My Vision Profile by ZEISS, the ZEISS Lens Consultation Toolbox is now available. It contains everything the eye care professional needs to explain the entire configuration of a ZEISS eyeglass lens in a clear and consumer-friendly way. This strengthens and expands the consultation possibilities in optical stores.

Interactive consultation process at eye level

To learn more about the visual needs and lifestyle of the eyeglass wearer, two dices are used. Various symbols are depicted on each site to literally get the consultation conversation rolling. Some of the lifestyle factors include outdoor activities, working with digital devices, and driving. Further interactive consultation support covers lens features, functions, and coatings, which can be explained clearly with various tools. A special highlight are semi-cut lenses, which represent the different lens thicknesses and weights. This allows the consumer to experience the differences between the eyeglass lenses.

The entire demo tool set fits neatly on a compact tray. The tray makes it easier to store and transport the tools and it also features extra items such as holders. The eye care professional can purchase the entire set or only individual demo tools. Configuration is flexible and can be individualized.

  • Tray with ZEISS demo tools

    A well-designed tray provides different functions for each demo tool.

  • With the ZEISS Lens Consultation Toolbox, the features and differences of eyeglass lenses can be clearly explained.

  • Lens features, functions, and coatings of eyeglass lenses are visualized through the models.

  • The function of ZEISS PhotoFusionX can be demonstrated with a UV lamp.

Demo tools: A proven method for effective eyeglass consultation

Consultation tools for demonstrating eyeglass features are by no means a new invention. Even the first ZEISS precision eyeglasses – PUNKTAL – were introduced to eye care professionals with a variety of demo tools and materials to demonstrate their optical effect. PUNKTAL lenses owe their quick success to the intensive dissemination of images and communication of the lenses to the public. Sample lenses were also widely used for demonstration during the introduction of UMBRAL sun protection lenses in 1924. In the following years, a demo tool was developed for each new product, which contributed to a better understanding of eyeglass lenses, up to the present day. With the ZEISS Lens Consultation Toolbox, ZEISS has created a comprehensive tool covering the entire product range, for the first time.

Digital or physical – the expert decides

The physical demo tools are not intended to replace digital offers. They are designed to supplement and expand the consultation possibilities in the store. "We provide the eye care professional with a variety of different tools so that they can advise their customers to the best of their expertise," says Wenzel. "Whether digital or physical, everyone decides for themselves, individually for each customer."

How can the ZEISS Lens Consultation Toolbox be integrated in the consultation process?

In this video Christoph Wenzel explains how the ZEISS Lens Consultation Toolbox works and goes through the consultation process step by step.

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