ZEISS Ventures Day

The power of partnerships

In for the long run

Why inventions are just a first step to innovate, innovation takes time and being successful is a team effort

Technical inventions are at the heart of many successful business, but they are only one piece of the puzzle to have a successful innovation that creates value for customers and the company. Innovation requires many different approaches, but all have the same objective: generate value for customers. To be successful, many capabilities are required internally and externally and need to be applied in a team effort.

The ZEISS Venture day will give you the opportunity to exchange with the ZEISS Ventures portfolio companies and venturing teams, to follow exciting keynotes and share experiences around innovation.

We are looking forward to exciting discussions!

Event Agenda


16:30 - 17:00

Check-in and Registration

17:00 - 17:10

Karl Lamprecht, CEO of the ZEISS Group / Gerrit Schulte, Head of ZEISS Ventures

17:10 - 17:25

External Venturing @ZEISS
Marc Schüler, Head of External Venturing

17:25 - 17:45

Talk: How Corporates can leverage Venture Capital
Christian Reitberger, Partner Matterwave Ventures

17:45 - 18:00

Internal Venturing @ZEISS
Evgeni Rehfuss, Head of Internal Venturing

18:00 - 18:20

Talk: Improving your chances for executing internal ventures successfully
Marko Spiegel

18:20 - 18:35

Talk: From Ideation to Validation
Rebecca Elsäßer, Head of Innovation Management Health

18:35 - 19:00

Pitches from the ZEISS portfolio companies

19:00 - open end

Start-up fair and Dinner

Event location

Ostertag Events GmbH

Ostertag Events GmbH Ulmerstraße 45 D-73431 Aalen Germany

The strategic agenda of the ZEISS Group, the #agenda25, has three focus fields: shape markets, build networks and create impact for customer success. One of the aspirations is to build and scale new business models that will support ZEISS with shaping markets. To serve this goal and leverage the innovative strength of ZEISS, an innovation ecosystem has been set up consisting of ZEISS Corporate & Research Technology, ZEISS Digital Partners, ZEISS Ventures, and all the strategic business units. It is also supported by many external partners.

Dr. Karl Lamprecht

President & CEO – ZEISS Group


Dr. Karl Lamprecht, CEO Carl Zeiss AG
Dr. Karl Lamprecht President & CEO ZEISS Group
Gerrit Schulte, Head of ZEISS Ventures ZEISS Group
Gerrit Schulte Head of ZEISS Ventures ZEISS Group

Exhibitors / ZEISS Portfolio Ventures


Dr. Karl Lamprecht, CEO Carl Zeiss AG

Dr. Karl Lamprecht

President & CEO – ZEISS Group

As President and CEO of the ZEISS Group, Dr. Karl Lamprecht oversees Strategic Development, Brand & Communications, Human Resources, Research & Technology and the Venture Board. He is also responsible for the Asia-Pacific region. Dr. Karl Lamprecht has been a Member of the Executive Board of the ZEISS Group since 2018 and its President and CEO since 2020. Prior to this, he was President and CEO of the Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH. After different steps in his career, e.g. as a consultant at McKinsey or as investment director at AdAstra Venture , he joined ZEISS in 2005 as Vice President of Strategic Business Development at the ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology AG.

Gerrit Schulte, Head of ZEISS Ventures ZEISS Group

Gerrit Schulte

Head of ZEISS Ventures ZEISS Group

As head of ZEISS Ventures, Gerrit Schulte manages the ZEISS investments in technology-driven start-ups. The mission of ZEISS Ventures is to actively enable and accelerate the development and commercialization of market shaping innovations between, beyond, and disruptive to current ZEISS strategic business units. It also aims to increase the attractiveness for bright talents by partnering with developers, entrepreneurs, and co-investors who build technology-driven businesses relevant to ZEISS. Previously, Gerrit worked at the Boston Consulting Group and lead the strategic business development department at the ZEISS’ Semiconductor Technology segment. He also founded two start-ups.

Christian Reitberger, Mattwerwave ventures

Dr. Christian Reitberger

Matterwave ventures

Dr. Christian Reitberger is a Founding Partner at Matterwave Ventures. Before Matterwave, he was one of the partners in the btov Industrial Technologies team. Previously, he served as Partner at Wellington Partners and at Apax Partners. He has focused his last 23 years as an investor on the electronics, photonics and quantum technologies domain; in resource efficiency technologies; and in industrial AI and robotics. He started his career at McKinsey, advising companies in the telecommunications, electronics, digital media and medtech sectors and was a founding member of the firm’s private equity practice. Christian holds a doctorate in physics obtained sub auspiciis praesidentis from the University of Vienna, has published five peer-reviewed scientific publications and worked at the CERN research laboratory.

Marko Spiegel, Independent Industrial Consultant

Marko Spiegel

Independent Industrial Consultant

Since 2021, Marko Spiegel is working as independent Industrial Consultant. Prior to that, he built an industrial sensor and antenna business as intrapraneur within Molex and Koch Industries. Both ventures are disruptive to their industries. As entrepreneur, he introduced German Passive House technology to the US Mid-West market, providing services for highly energy efficient buildings. His technical expertise includes IIOT, AI, sensors, wireless, electronic packaging and energy efficiency. He is passionate about passing on his experience in executing ventures to new entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs.

ZEISS Ventures Day 2022
ZEISS Ventures Day 2022

ZEISS Ventures Day 2022

The power of partnerships

The ZEISS Ventures Day 2022 took place on 5th October 2022 in Aalen with more than 130 participants from ZEISS, external investors and also the teams of the ZEISS portfolio companies.

  • Final attendance of 120 persons (~20 externals)
  • Invitation of about 180  persons
  • All portfolio companies as well as incubation teams present