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Value for Society

ZEISS' contribution to the common good

17 Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations


A social task

Sustainability is more than climate action. This is how the United Nations sees it in its Sustainable Development Goals, which point to social change. ZEISS is also committed to these goals.

Healthcare at ZEISS

Good health and well-being

Healthy society

Good health and well-being – this is also one of the 17 goals of the United Nations. As a pioneer in the field of healthcare, ZEISS wants to contribute to the health of society.

Human Rights and Environmental Action

Many of the United Nations' goals are united by one aspect: people everywhere should have equal rights. This is a goal that ZEISS supports by combating negative impacts on human rights and diversity. As a company operating internationally with global supply and value chains, ZEISS is aware of its responsibility to people and the environment.

ZEISS Human Rights Strategy

Economic success and a wealth of innovation are inextricably linked with sustainable value creation and respect for human rights. For this reason, the Executive Board of Carl Zeiss AG has adopted a German Supply Chain Act Statement on Respecting and Promoting Human Rights and Environmental Action, which reflects such understanding and supplements the Group-wide ZEISS Code of Conduct. The ZEISS Code of Conduct describes the principles of compliant conduct at ZEISS and serves as a general guide for day-to-day work.

ZEISS Human Rights Officer

With the appointment of the Human Rights Officer, ZEISS has named a dedicated contact person for issues relating to human rights. Both internal and external stakeholders can contact ZEISS directly for all matters relating to human rights and environmental protection.

ZEISS Integrity Line Whistleblowing System

The central whistleblowing system ZEISS Integrity Line can be utilized – anonymously if so desired – in cases where there are tangible indications that applicable laws or internal guidelines may have been violated.

Human Rights Due Diligence

ZEISS would like to transparently demonstrate how it fulfills its due diligence obligations to protect human rights and environmental concerns. Therefore, in addition to the annual sustainability reporting, the reports are published accordingly as part of the German Supply Chain Sustainability Act (GSCA, in German: LkSG) to the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). 

As the reports have to be reported to German authorities they are only available in German.

Inspiring explorers of tomorrow

With the international A Heart for Science initiative, ZEISS is pursuing the goal of inspiring and promoting young people in the natural sciences.

A Heart for Science
A Heart for Science

A Heart for Science

The special thing about "A Heart for Science" is that the initiative is being planned and organized by ZEISS employees. Employees are taking part in this corporate volunteering program across the world and are passing on their knowledge to the explorers of tomorrow.

Dr. Karl Lamprecht

It has become a tradition at ZEISS to promote education and science and it is part of the company’s very fabric. A Heart for Science is primarily about opening the door to the world of research for young people and stimulating enthusiasm for nature and technology.


Dr. Karl Lamprecht

President and CEO of ZEISS

Promotion and sponsorship

How does healthcare reach poorer countries? And how can projects be promoted locally?

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