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A Heart for Science

Inspiring explorers of tomorrow

  • ZEISS A Heart for Science

    ZEISS` “A Heart for Science” collaborates with TEDx: Volunteers in Italy inspire young explorers

  • ZEISS CTO Susan-Stefanie Breitkopf, is encouraging girls' interest in science and technology

    ZEISS CTO Susan-Stefanie Breitkopf, is encouraging girls' interest in science and technology

  • ZEISS President and CEO Dr. Karl Lamprecht volunteers for "A Heart for Science"

ZEISS A Heart for Science

Enthusiasm for nature and technology has always been an integral part of the ZEISS' DNA. On the occasion of the company's 175th anniversary, ZEISS launched "A Heart for Science" – an international initiative run by ZEISS that aims to get young people aged 12 to 18 interested in STEM. What is special about it is that any of our employees can impart their knowledge to the explorers of tomorrow.

Dr. Karl Lamprecht, ZEISS President & CEO

It has become a tradition at ZEISS to promote education and science and it is part of the company’s very fabric. A Heart for Science is primarily about opening the door to the world of research for young people and stimulating enthusiasm for nature and technology.

Dr. Karl Lamprecht

President and CEO ZEISS

ZEISS is investing in the STEM developers of tomorrow

  • 3 million

    euros in ten years

  • 34%

    of the overall funding volume

  • 126

    organizations have received support

A Heart for Science

Corporate volunteering program

ZEISS employees help with STEM

The special thing about "A Heart for Science" is that the initiative is being planned and organized by ZEISS employees. Employees are taking part in this corporate volunteering program across the world and are passing on their knowledge to the explorers of tomorrow. ZEISS is supporting the commitment of its volunteers in many ways including a handbook about the initiative, age-appropriate guided experiments and a digital platform where volunteers can get together and collaborate on their joint projects. Selected activities are also being funded.

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