Sustainability Report

ZEISS Sustainability Report

Fiscal Year 2022/23


Sustainability is firmly anchored within ZEISS DNA and the corporate strategy. As a future-oriented company, ZEISS sees challenges as an opportunity and integrates sustainable solutions into its business operations. The ZEISS Sustainability Report provides an overview of the activities and successes of fiscal year 2022/23.

Facts & figures

ZEISS has set itself ambitious goals: the company wants to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations by 2025, reduce energy consumption by 20%, water consumption by 15% and the amount of waste by 10%. The figures for fiscal year 2022/23 indicate interim successes but are also an incentive to make continuous improvements here.

Portrait Dr. Karl Lamprecht

We are absolutely convinced that our economic success can only be achieved in the long term through sustainable value creation.

Dr. Karl Lamprecht

President and CEO of the ZEISS Group

An interview with Dr. Nicole Ziegler

Portrait Nicole Ziegler

We are working consistently to further integrate sustainability into our processes from product development through to purchasing and logistics.

Dr. Nicole Ziegler

Head of Sustainability, ZEISS Group

How ZEISS understands sustainability – three focus topics

  • For a green future

    For a climate friendly future

    The climate is continuing to change. The global community has set itself big targets to mitigate the consequences. ZEISS wants to play its part to help achieve them.

  • A round thing – circular economy at ZEISS

    In line with circular economy

    The circular use of natural resources is one way to use them sparingly. ZEISS therefore strives for a circular use of resources with a view to reducing the impact on the environment.

  • For the good of the community

    ZEISS generates added value for a more sustainable society through its products and solutions. What’s more, ZEISS is committed to the common good, education and research through sponsorships.

ZEISS strategy for sustainability

As a foundation company, sustainability and success in business are inextricably linked at ZEISS. At ZEISS, sustainability is understood to be a collaborative activity and is firmly anchored in the corporate strategy.

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