In Series Quality Assurance Through Automated Component Testing

The challenge

Quality assurance during series production is all about monitoring the production process, reducing scrap and the need for rework. What is important here is that industrial production processes require a high throughput of tested parts during the testing of series parts. A high repeat accuracy of the inspections is required so that the inspections are comparable with each other.

The solution

The ATOS ScanBox helps to automate and standardize measuring and inspection procedures in series production, either in series or inline in the future. The ATOS system compares the complete actual 3D coordinates of series parts with the CAD model or the requirements from the measurement plan. The system also creates inspection reports immediately at the production plant.

The user does not have to move the parts to remote measuring rooms anymore, since quality control can be carried out directly on site at the production facility. The measurement and evaluation run fully automated and are controlled by the software. This means the measurement can be carried out reliably and reproducibly by the operator during production.

Such automated 3D measurement machines are adaptable for prototype development, toolmaking, analysis, production and assembly.

The benefits

  • High throughput and repeat accuracy

    in production processes

  • Less scrap

    and reduced rework time

  • Standardized quality assurance

    with traceable measurements and transparent processes

  • ZEISS Solutions for every process step

ZEISS Solutions for every process step

The flexible 3D coordinate measuring systems ATOS, ARAMIS and ARGUS are used in all process steps of metal forming. Learn more about how ZEISS systems optimize the individual forming processes to ensure quality and process reliability.

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