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Manual and automatic loading systems

The feeding systems from ZEISS can be used in the measuring room as well as on or directly in the production line. They are compatible with various CMMs according to your requirements. To optimize parts flow and operating times and for more efficiency in your measurement processes.

  • Higher part throughput and optimized CMM utilization
  • Simple, fast set-up and loading
  • Optimized operating times and personnel deployment

Automatic loading systems

Automatic systems

ZEISS ShuttleLoad

Automatic workpiece change

With the ZEISS ShuttleLoad, your coordinate measuring machine can be automatically loaded and unloaded with pre-loaded pallets. This increases part throughput on the machine and reduces downtimes. This also enables unmanned shifts, as the workpiece changeover is fully automatic. The ShuttleLoad is operated via a simple user interface and a handheld scanner – meaning that the system can also be used by untrained personnel.

Compatible with ZEISS PRISMO and ZEISS CONTURA. Other machines on request.

Automatic systems

ZEISS MultiLoad

Loading system with workpiece storage

With the ZEISS MultiLoad, up to four CMMs can be loaded with workpieces simultaneously and fully automatically. The workpiece storage has 16 storage locations and can be loaded with numerous pallets. The automatic exchange of components between the storage area and the CMM also enables completely unmanned shifts. The part throughput can thus be maximized. The design with storage towers means that only a small footprint is required.


Loading systems in use

  • Manual Loading Systems

Manual loading systems

In addition to automated solutions, ZEISS also offers a portfolio of manual loading systems. These products can be used in the measuring room and also in the production line. They can be flexibly combined with each other and increase the part throughput on your coordinate measuring machine. Compatible with ZEISS CONTURA, ZEISS MICURA and ZEISS PRISMO.

  • Manual loading systems

    Pallet feeding system

    Optimizes the measurement process and enables reproducible workpiece positions by means of a three-point support.

  • Set-up table & pallet transport trolley

    Set-up table & pallet transport trolley

    Simplifies parts handling by setting up components remotely from the machine for fewer loading blockages on the CMM and increased throughput.

  • Turntable station

    Turntable station

    Enables two pallets to be exchanged quickly and increases CMM utilization with a minimal footprint.

  • ShuttleLoad manual

    ShuttleLoad manual

    Speeds up pallet changes by providing storage spaces for pre-equipped pallets and enables measurements with different measuring devices on one CMM.

ZEISS Duplexsystem
ZEISS Duplex system

ZEISS Duplex system

Set-up during the measurement process

The ZEISS Duplex system increases the machine utilization of your CMM by allowing workpieces to be clamped and unclamped in parallel with the measurement process. The system has two pallet spaces where loading and unloading can take place with completely free access – for ergonomic and safe working, with higher machine utilization at the same time.

With the additionally available Automation Kit, pallet changing is automated, which means that even longer periods of time can be bridged without an operator.

Easy parts handling with the ZEISS Duplex system

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