One CT system. Many applications.​

With ZEISS METROTOM 1500, you get advanced CT technology – reliably detecting flaws by capturing and measuring defects beneath the surface. What makes this CT different: It delivers fast and high-resolution images for both small and large parts – and everything in between.

  • High-speed scanning
  • Detailed CT image quality
  • Accurate metrology (VDI/VDE 2630 1.3)
  • Optional DAkkS certification
  • Compact footprint


Better image quality
Better image quality

Better image quality

High resolution and traceable accuracy​ ​

ZEISS METROTOM 1500 features outstanding image quality that depicts even small defects clearly. The software AMMAR, BHC, and the hardware module ZEISS scatterControl make the difference for unchallenged quality. The CT is furthermore specified according to the VDI/VDE 2630 guideline for traceable accuracy.​

Thanks to ZEISS’ high level of metrology expertise, which is also used in CT technology, you can rely on high measurement accuracy. An MPE(SD) of 4.5 + L/50 μm according to VDI/VDE 2630 Sheet 1.3 is guaranteed over the entire field of view - for measurement results you can trust.

Versatility of the system

Versatility of the system

Suitable for a large variety of parts and applications​

ZEISS METROTOM 1500 scans small parts in very high resolution and parts of up to 615 mm in diameter and 800 mm in height as a complete reconstruction. This is achieved by expanding the field of view both horizontally and vertically. Thanks to its flexible tube with a focal spot of only a few micrometers on one side and a maximum power of 500 W on the other, small parts can be scanned with very high resolution and large parts can be scanned in a short amount of time. This makes the system ideal for many applications

DAkkS calibration ​ Your Gateway to Reliable Measurements​

DAkkS calibration ​

Your gateway to reliable measurements​

Higher quality standards in the automotive, medical, or pharmaceutical industry often require the application of accredited CT inspection procedures. These guarantee an objective, standard-compliant measurement of parts according to VDI/VDE 2630 Part 1.3. DAkkS calibration is also available for the ZEISS METROTOM 1500 series of industrial computed tomographs. Benefit from the added value: save costs and create more trust for your customers.​

Smart design for limited space​

Smart design for limited space​

Most efficient use of space​

The comparably small footprint and the clever construction of the door for both, service and part loading, allow flexible installation, enabling you to fit the CT into your measuring lab even if space is limited. To help you make the most of the available space, we have furthermore expanded the measuring volume while reducing the footprint: Measure and inspect parts of 870 mm in height on a footprint of 3.7 x 1.8 meters – the best system/part volume ratio available on the market.​

Inspect complete components​

Inspect complete components​

Ideal for multi-material parts​

With traditional measuring technology, hidden structures can only be inspected after the time- and cost-consuming process of destroying the component layer-by-layer. ZEISS METROTOM 1500, however, is an industrial computed tomography system for measuring and inspecting complete components made of plastic and/or light metal or even copper or steel. ​

ZEISS scatterControl​  ​
ZEISS METROTOM scatterControl

ZEISS scatterControl​

Exceptional CT image quality​

The hardware solution ZEISS scatterControl significantly improves the image quality of ZEISS METROTOM 1500 by reducing scatter artifacts of CT scans to a minimum. This facilitates subsequent data handling and evaluation steps, resulting in even more accurate surface determination and defect analysis. ​

 Discover more benefits of ZEISS METROTOM 1500​.

Future-proof quality control ​ ​

Future-proof quality control 
Measure and inspect larger parts

The third generation of ZEISS METROTOM 1500 allows measurements of larger parts in one reconstruction thanks to an extended measuring volume: With the newly designed positioning system, parts with a height of up to 870 mm fit into the CT without needing to be repositioned.​

Compact footprint​

For transport, installation, maintenance, or the consumed space in the customer's lab – the smaller the system, the better. The design of the cabin of ZEISS' largest industrial CT system was entirely devoted to the efficient use of space, resulting in a footprint of only 6.7 m2.

More comfortable operation​

The front door enables the operator to enter the system and use it as a service access point, which makes loading of larger and heavier components more convenient. This allows the user to perform CT measurements easily, safely, and accurately. As ZEISS METROTOM 1500 does not need significant additional space above, behind or on the sides, the system can be installed very flexibly.​


  • Industry


    Suitable for light metal parts, composites, multi-material parts, plastic parts, and additive manufacturing.​

  • Aerospace turbine


    Well suited for reliable scanning of for example titanium, steel, or composite blades to meet industry standards and safety requirements.​

  • Automotive motor hairpin


    Ideal for scanning power trains, dashboard components, and aluminum castings such as cylinder heads or stator housings.​

  • Medical


    Precise scanning of medical parts such as injectors, implants, inhalators, or pacemakers.​

  • Electronics motherboard


    Safely scans connectors, batteries, PCB boards, and other electrical components.​

  • ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray Comprehensive CT data analysis in 3D


    Comprehensive CT data analysis in 3D​

    The easy-to-use analysis software ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray allows complete CT data analysis in 3D – automated or customized and suitable even for beginners. Geometries, shrinkage holes or internal structures and assemblies can be analyzed precisely. Even small defects become visible through individual sectional images. You can also load volume data of several components into a project, perform a trend analysis, and compare the results to CAD data – in just one software.​

  • ZEISS Automated Defect Detection (ZADD)​

    ZEISS Automated Defect Detection (ZADD)​

    Artificial intelligence in computed tomography​

    The ZADD add-on in ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray detects even small and fuzzy defects reliably, quickly, and automatically. ZADD detects, localizes, and classifies these defects or anomalies while analyzing them in detail by reading CT scans. The software add-on is specially developed for applications such as castings, injection-molded parts, and printed components.​

  • ZEISS PiWeb Transform quality data into meaningful results​

    ZEISS PiWeb​

    Transform quality data into meaningful results​

    The ZEISS PiWeb reporting and quality data management software helps to connect metrology results from different measuring technologies to shop floor decisions – for efficient tracking of your production quality and immediate results. Use ZEISS PiWeb to perform GR&R studies, control quality data management, work with manual data, create powerful statistics and profit from various ready-to-use standard report templates.​


Software solutions for efficient CT scans 

  • Advanced Mixed Material Artifact Reduction (AMMAR)​

    Advanced Mixed Material Artifact Reduction (AMMAR)​

    See more details in your parts at the transition from metal to plastic: The AMMAR correction process significantly reduces artifacts that occur when scanning workpieces with different materials and thicknesses, especially in connector-like parts with metal and plastic. ​

  • Virtual Horizontal Detector Extension (VHD)​

    Virtual Horizontal Detector Extension (VHD)​

    Measure workpieces that are wider than the detector: VHD increases the possible volume diameter of your captures by up to 80%. It allows scanning parts that are significantly wider than the detector or allows to scan smaller parts with smaller voxel sizes and thus higher resolutions.

  • VolumeMerge​


    The outstandingly precise positioning system, for which we applied our knowledge from the world of tactile measuring, has increased the size of the components to be reconstructed in the system to 870 mm in height. This means that large components can be captured entirely in just one automated process, thereby eliminating the need for time-consuming repositioning and alignment by the user.​

  • ShortScan​


    ShortScan is a scan mode in which a part only needs to perform slightly more than half a rotation instead of a full rotation. This allows you to scan specific regions in parts with higher resolution that would otherwise be geometrically limited with a full rotation.​

  • Separation​  ​

    Separation​ ​

    Automatic separation increases productivity by scanning several components at once and automatically evaluating them separately, thereby significantly reducing scanning time and operator interaction effort.​



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