Digital Microscope Cameras for Routine, Research and Education

ZEISS Axiocam Microscope Cameras for Science and Research

In contrast to digital cameras for normal photography, microscope cameras are built to meet the demands of high-end science- and research applications. For maximum light sensitivity our Axiocam cameras use large CCD or CMOS sensors for image acquisition. Color reproduction is often critical, why features like Microscanning or Color-Co-Site Sampling ensure optimal image quality. Due to the lack of a light absorbing color filter monochrome microscope cameras for fluorescence imaging are even more sensitive.

Axiocam 105 color

Your small and fast microscope camera.


Axiocam IC

Explore our AxioCam IC line.Work smoothly with the AxioCam ICc 1. Capture high resolution images with the AxioCam ICc 5. Capture bright fluorescent samples with the AxioCam ICm 1.


Axiocam ERc 5

Use a wealth of interfaces and connectivity in acquiring excellent images at an impressive price-performance ratio.


Axiocam 305 color

Your Fast 5 Megapixel Microscope Camera for Routine and Research Labs


Axiocam 503 mono

Axiocam 503 mono is your monochrome 3 megapixel microscope camera. Enjoy a fast live image and highest sensitivity for low light and fluorescence applications


Axiocam 503 color

Axiocam 503 color is your 3 megapixel color camera with a fast live image and 2/3” sensor


Axiocam 506 mono

Axiocam 506 mono is your monochrome 6 megapixel microscope camera with large field of view. It offers a fast live image as well as the highest level of sensitivity for low-light applications and live cell imaging


Axiocam 506 color

Axiocam 506 color with its 1” sensor and 6 megapixels is your true color camera for images of large sample areas in the shortest possible time


Axiocam 512 color

Capture large sample areas in one high resolution, true color image. With the 12 megapixel CCD sensor with a size of 1" (16 mm diagonal) you profit from an excellent live image and high acquisition speed.


Axiocam 512 mono

The 12 megapixel CCD sensor with a size of 1" (16 mm diagonal) delivers an excellent live image.


Axiocam 702 mono

Axiocam 702 mono is your entry into the world of scientific CMOS imaging. The 1/1.2 inch (13.3 mm diagonal) sensor delivers a resolution of 2.3 megapixels. Benefit from low read noise, excellent low light sensitivity and high speed for live cell imaging and acquisition of fast processes.

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