Mid-size dome planetarium projector


ZEISS STARMASTER with LED illumination

Medium-sized planetarium sets standards

  • Introduction

    The natural depiction of the night sky

    ZEISS STARMASTER combines the benefits of the dumbbell design with the state-of-the-art starball concept. The projectors responsible for the fixed stars are located on a central projector sphere - the Starball. The planet projectors installed in front of it can be controlled individually and independently of each other.

    The extremely bright and brilliant artificial starlit sky is made possible by fiber-optical projectors, a special ZEISS development. Stars, Sun and Moon are as bright to install the Starball in domes even larger than 18 m in diameter.

    The traditional division into 32 star fields has been abandoned in favor of a smaller number of projectors. With 12 powerful wide-angle lenses, the starball offers space for other projectors, for example for constellation outlines.

    Everything you need – configure your instrument

    A novelty is the integration of the Sun and Moon projectors in the starball. This permits the midnight sun to be demonstrated for the first time without obstructions in the north or south.
    However ZEISS STARMASTER offers a lot more. You can configure the planetarium machine to your requirements. The star field and the white and blue effect lighting for dome brightening and twilight are basic features. All versions can be coupled directly and synchronously with all powerdome fulldome systems by ZEISS. The STARMASTER version for tilted domes is designated STARMASTER ZMP-TD.

  • Technical Data
    Projection dome
    Dome diameter: 12 m to 18 m (39 ft to 59 ft) Superior/Premium
    14 m to 24 m (46 ft to 79 ft) Attraction/Classic
    Height of horizon: 2200 mm
    Dome tilt: 0° to 30°
    Seating capacity: 100 to 250
    Projection instrument
      Superior / Premium Attraction / Classic
    Max. height: 2730 mm 2730 mm
    Mounting surface: 424 mm x 1945 mm
    780 mm dia.
    Height of horizon:
    2200 mm
    2200 mm
    Max. diameter: 2080 mm
    1080 mm
    Weight: max. 850 kg max. 400 kg
    Illumination stars/planets: high power LEDs high power LEDs
    Power supply: 3x 230/400 VAC ±10 % 3x 230/400 VAC ±10 %
    Power consumption: max. 6.5 kVA max. 3 kVA
  • Features

    ZEISS STARMASTER combines the advantages of the classic dumbbel design with those of the starball design. A compact sphere contains all projectors, with the exception of those for the planets.

    Natural depiction of the night sky
    Radiant stars, as breathtaking as in nature. With a limiting size of 6.55 magnitudes, the same number of stars visible to the unaided human eye is shown under optimal observation conditions and in space. All stars are represented  with a high level of brightness combined with small diameters. Each individual star is directly lighted by pure white light through a separate optical fiber. The Milky Way, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies are all presented with high detail accuracy.

    Sun and Moon on the Starball
    The projectors are integrated in the Starball. Both images appear bright and sharp as in nature. The moon phase mechanism also shows very small crescents in the immediate vicinity of the Sun. The sun projector features eclipses and a planet transit.

    Flexible in control
    The control software supports topocentric projections with all motion options. The operation is simple, manually as well in automatic mode. The operating panel permits real time operations interactively with the visitors.

    Coupling with powerdome
    ZEISS STARMASTER has all capabilities for the integration of modern audiovisual systems including fulldome video projection, and has interfaces for communication with external control systems. STARMASTER can be directly combined with powerdome, the ZEISS platform for fulldome projection. This combination enables synchronous coupling of optical-mechanical and digital planetarium projections.

  • Functions
    • Available for domes with leveled horizon as well as tilted domes
    • Brilliant stars in pure white color due to fiber optics and LED illumination
    • Real color display for brightest stars
    • Scintillation of all stars
    • Milky Way, star clusters, gaseous nebulae and galaxies
    • Bright stars shown with individual colors
    • Computer control of fixed star shutters
    • Projectors for Sun and Moon integrated in Starball (midnight sun)
    • Sun with eclipses
    • Six projectors for planets, other solar system objects, gegenschein, and for demonstrating satellite orbits, star motions, novae, etc.
    • Moon with surface details, automatic and independent phase change
    • All planets and dwarf planets
    • Separate three-axis motion control of each planet projector
    • Direct setting of sky positions and observation times within seconds (leaps in time and space)
    • Topocentric presentations at high accuracy: exact Moon positions, planet conjunctions, etc.
    • Automatic presentation of the analemma and other motion combinations with a simple cue
    • Dome and effect illumination
    • Diurnal, annual polar altitude, precession and azimuth motion
    • Diurnal motion possible in real time
    • The changing phases of the Moon can be shown while the Moon is moving or stationary
    • All great circles and scales completely graduated and lettered
    • Built-in elevator for unvignetted projection from the periphery across the dome center
    • Integrated azimuthal rotation
    • Completely new operating software
    • Alphanumerical and graphical display of settings and positions
    • Extremely long-life LEDs saving operating costs
    • Remote diagnosis and remote maintenance facilitate servicing and save costs
    • Noble char-coal gray finish
  • Moduls
    • Equator
    • Ecliptic
    • Meridian
    • Zodiacal constellation figures
    • Constellation figures of the northern and southern hemisphere
    • Precession scale and marking of ecliptic pole
    • Celestial pole
    • Vertical circle, azimuth scale and zenith marking
    • Hour circle and hour angle scale
    • Compass rose, instrument position displays
    • Eastern and western horizon lights
    • Dome and special-effect illumination
    • Comet
    • Shooting stars
  • Model Variations
    STARMASTER Starry sky Sun, Moon Plantes Didactic
    Classic x - - - column
    Attraction x x - - column
    Premium x x x - double cabinet
    Superior x x x x (selectable) double cabinet
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    STARMASTER brochure
    (PDF · English · 8 pages · 7.7 MB)