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Make invisible UV light visible.

Everybody knows about the dangers of invisible UV rays to our skin. But what about our eyes? With the ZEISS C-UVPROTECT, you can demonstrate the level of UV protection in lenses to your patients – without ever leaving your office.

  • Quick and simple
  • Shows the importance of UV protection

Why did ZEISS develop a dispensing tool for UV screening?

  • 98 %

    of consumers said they would be upset if their eye care providers did not offer them full UV protection.1

  • 84 %

    of consumers would stop using their current eye doctor if they were not provided with lenses that offer full UV protection up to 400 nm.1

Quick and simple

It’s simple. Under UV light and using a special camera, clear lenses appear visibly dark if they block UV up to the World Health Organization standard of 400 nm. The clearer the lenses appear, the less the UV protection.

The C-UVPROTECT is a unique device by ZEISS . It’s a great tool to let your patients experience and understand the importance of full UV protection in their eyeglasses.

Show the importance of UV protection

In the exam room or in the dispensary, ZEISS C-UVPROTECT is an easy-to-use tool to engage with patients on the topic of UV protection in eyewear.

  • You can easily show patients how much UV protection their current lenses provide.
  • It’s a portable conversation starter for ZEISS UVProtect Technology and the importance of UV protection.
  • Staff training is quick and simple, as it’s a straightforward dispensing tool.

How to order

Launched in the U.S. and available for order nationwide. Speak to your ZEISS representative
or call 1-866-596-5467.

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  • 1

    ZEISS Research, “Consumer UV Study” – 2200 consumer. Jan 2019.