Enabling comprehensive eyecare, anywhere, anytime.


Enabling comprehensive eyecare, anywhere, anytime.

ZEISS can help you offer high-quality remote eye care with the ZEISS VISU360 digital platform. It connects eye care professionals to the ZEISS ecosystem of instruments and services, supporting remote contact with the patient.

  • Remote eyecare
  • Highest security measures
  • Integration with the entire ZEISS Vision Analysis process

Perform remote eye exams virtually from anywhere at any time.

Changing demographics and new technologies are disrupting the healthcare market. Patients expect better service even if their eye doctor is overbooked or not available nearby. Moreover, social distancing is sometimes required– we are more mindful about our health and the health of others.

The ZEISS VISU360 digital platform connects  eye care professionals to the ZEISS ecosystem of instruments and services, supporting remote contact with the patient, from recruitment/scheduling, pre-exam anamnesis and data collection, through the whole remote optometric exam and expert consultation, to the final management of invoices and post-exam or post-sale patient care1.

This convenient remote eye-care system enables eye doctors to continue to serve their own patients in-person, while also being able to see patients virtually when needed.

Highest security measures.

VISU360 from ZEISS creates great benefits for eye care providers. They now have an option to extend the opening hours of their practice or the ability to work from home, removing obstacles from the purchase experience and ultimately meeting the needs of their patients. Furthermore, ZEISS VISU360 upholds the highest security measures and complies with the applicable standards and regulations.

VISU360 features.


ZEISS ID SSO* for user authentication.

*Single Sign On: once registered for a ZEISS application and the permission has been granted from ZEISS, the same ID can be used for any further enabled and activated ZEISS application.

Scheduling module and notifications

An easy-access calendar gives you an overview of upcoming appointments as well as available timeslots. SMS or email notifications can be enabled as desired.

Integrated audio / HD video and chat

A standard interface supports the patient during the end-to-end experience, using a live video conference with the doctor at any time and the ability to chat and screenshare.

Remote control, file sharing and exam steps

Enables doctors to work remotely, steering the phoropter and synchronizing live with the technician at any time, so they know which pre-testing has been performed.

Flexibility, customization and data analytics

Provides a flexible workflow for exam types according to the doctor's preferences, producing reports that track timestamps of major steps and give a usage overview.

Electronic signature for exam form and prescription

A solution for signing electronic prescriptions and exam forms is embedded.

Integration with the entire Vision Analysis process.

ZEISS can help you offer high quality remote eye care. ZEISS digital solutions enable the remote management of the entire patient-journey, providing benefits in workflow optimization and new business models, and reducing direct contact with patients to the minimum in social distancing scenarios.

ZEISS VISU360 supports and integrates with the entire ZEISS Vision Analysis process.

Integration with the entire Vision Analysis process.


An anamnesis is conducted by the on-site trained technician.

Remote examination

There is no doctor on site, but a remote examination can be conducted with the ZEISS VISU360 platform.

Scheduling an appointment

The technician checks the doctor’s availability and schedules an appointment.

Pretesting and screening

The technician conducts a thorough pretesting and screening and uploads the data to the platform.


The doctor reviews the pretest and screening measurements before joining the conference call.

Feedback on measurement

The doctor can join the exam any time to greet the patient and provide feedback on the measurements.

Subjective examination

The doctor remotely conducts the subjective examination. The technician stays with the patient in case any assistance is needed.


The exam outcome and the prescription are digitally signed by the doctor and available for both users using the ZEISS VISU360 platform.

Choosing new eyeglasses

The patient can immediately choose and fit a pair of eyeglasses.

ZEISS VISU360 – Award-winning user interface, intuitive and user friendly.

ZEISS VISU360 – Award-winning user interface, intuitive and user friendly.

  • Each year, the iF DESIGN AWARD honors product and service solutions showcasing design excellence. In 2021, the ZEISS VISU360 platform won one of the awards due to its well-designed service process.
  • In 2020 ZEISS VISU360 had already earned the German UX Design Award, a global design competition focused on the user and customer experience.


Technical Specifications

ZEISS equipment (retail)
Laptop / PC (doctor and retail)
CPU: Intel® CoreTM i3 or better, Screen minimum resolution: 1366x768 px, OS: Microsoft Windows® 7, 8.1, 10; Apple® macOS 10.10 or higher, Web browser: Google® Chrome, version 70 or higher (latest versions always recommended), ZEISS ID: VISU360 digital platform access account
Video call support
27" screen with a minimum resolution of 1366x768 px (retail), HQ webcam and audio support (doctor and retail)
Network support
iPad tablet (retail), Wi-Fi router with HQ internet connection (min. 10Mbs / latency 100ms)

Additional ZEISS Equipment
Thanks to the connectivity of the ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500, the entire ecosystem2of the ZEISS pretest, screening4and objective refraction devices can be directly interfaced. Images can be shared from other imaging and diagnostic systems4 (slit lamps, OCT, VFA, etc.) as well.

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    Consult the list of integrated PMS/EMR with your sales representative.

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    Consult the list of devices integrated with ZEISS VISU360 and ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500 available in your country with your sales representative.

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