Start protecting your patients’ eyes now with the digital lensmeter from ZEISS.

UV protection starts here. The new ZEISS VISULENSS 550 combines a wavefront technology state-of-art digital lensmeter with an integrated UV spectrometer.

  • High precision and quality of measurements
  • Intelligent measurement modes
  • Excellent patient experience and easy to understand traffic-light results

Make your life easier and increase patient satisfaction at the same time.

ZEISS VISULENS 550 offers you intelligent measurement modes for a wide range of lenses, as well as numerous other valuable features. It is equipped with a green measurement LED and a Shack-Hartmann sensor that allows you to precisely determine the power of the entire set of different lens materials and designs without the need to adjust the Abbe number.

ZEISS VISULENS 550 features an advanced UV transmission measurement system using a range of 365 to 490 nm in steps of 3 nm to precisely determine the current level of protection of the measured eyeglasses. The result: high precision and quality measurements for your patients and more upselling support for you.

How well are your patients’ eyes protected against UV radiation?

Almost 80 % of all organic eyeglass lenses sold worldwide do not protect from UV radiation up to 400 nm and therefore do not offer sunglass-level UV protection.1 With the ZEISS VISULENS 550 you can make your patients aware of the different levels of UV protection and recommend the best lens solution to protect their eyes.

VISULENS 550: UV protection starts here.

UV protection starts here.

  • Intelligent measurement modes, including single vision, multi-focal and progressive lenses, tinted and clear lenses, UV transmission measurement mode and contact lens mode for soft and hard contact lenses.
  • Tiltable 7” color touch screen with a new graphic user interface – easy to operate, even for inexperienced personnel.
  • Digital lensmeter with comprehensive UV Spectrometer with a wavelength range between 365-480 nm with steps of 3 nm.  
  • Easy to use “Optician Mode” and “Clinic Mode”.
  • Shack-Hartmann Wavefront technology for fast, high precision and high-quality measurements of entire sets of different lens materials and indices.
  • Optimized housing for longer temples.
Connectivity to ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500

Get connected for an easy consultation process.

Connectivity to ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500 – The platform for managing your patient journey from end to end is the new "brain" of your practice ecosystem. By connecting your ZEISS instruments2, it makes your consultation process simple, fast and much more pleasant, both for your patient and for you, leaving you with more time for face-to-face communication.

  • Connectivity to ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500 via LAN and/or RS232 serial port
  • Transfer measurements from ZEISS VISULENS 550 directly to your patient’s visit profile avoiding typo mistakes
  • Higher efficiency leading to more time for your consultation
  • Print results in PDF format.

ZEISS VISULENS 550 Technical specifications

  • Dimensions (W×D×H)
    210 mm × 270 mm × 417 mm
    6 kg
    Power supply
    100 V to 240 V~ , 50/60 Hz, 40 VA
    RS 232, LAN 10/100 fully isolated, USB 2.0
    Measurement modes
    Standard / Progressive / Contact lens / UV
    Thermo printer paper width
    57 mm
    Tiltable 7-inch color touch screen
  • Wavelength
    545 nm (e-line)
    -25D to +25D in steps of 0.01/0.06/0. 125/0.25D
    0D to ± 10D in increments of 0.01/0.06/0. 125/0.25D
    0° to 180° in increments of 1°
    0D to + 10D in steps of 0.01/0.06/0. 125/0.25D
    0Δ to 20Δ in increments of 0.01/0.06/0. 125/0.25Δ
    Pupillary Distance (PD)
    0 to 82 mm
  • Monitor
    7" tiltable color touch screen monitor (800 × 480)
    Device Operation
    Touch screen and save key
    Updated user interface for enhanced device usability
    RS 232 serial interface
    External video port
    LAN (web service, web server, shared folder, remote network configuration)
    USB (service and data storage)
    Patient worklist and device memory
    Access to recent measurements (10 measurements via GUI, more via web server)
    Linkage to patient database (e.g. FORUM or VISUCONSULT 500)3
    Display of measurement lists (review) and patient worklists
    Prints and reports
    Integrated thermal printer with reworked print-out
    Creation of PDF report to shared network folder (including images)
    Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor with 81 measurement points
    New UV module with spectrometer range of 365 to 480 nm in increments of 3 nm
    Optimized housing for long temples
  • Spectrometer range
    365 to 480 nm in increments of 3 nm

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  • 1

    1.5 index, middle indexes and polycarbonate lenses demand, World Lens and Frames demand study, SWV Strategy with Vision, (2016).

  • 2

    Consult the list of devices integrated with ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500 available in your country.

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