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Enabler of technological progress

How ZEISS is driving digitalization

Who would have thought that Moore's Law could live on? That you would be able to analyze millions of data in seconds? Or that factories could optimize themselves?

All this is possible because ZEISS believed in it. Similar to the pulse in the human body, you can feel the passion for digitalization in all business areas at ZEISS: from ophthalmic optics and photography to microscopy and semiconductor technology. This feeling drives ZEISS to empower people every day over and over to be one step ahead of what is possible.

No longer a pipe dream

Innovations that have become established in everyday life

ZEISS artificial intelligence AI

Artificial intelligence (AI)

One of the most important achievements of digitalization is artificial intelligence. We use it every day – mostly without knowing it. ZEISS is therefore certain that, in the future, AIs will help people even more.

ZEISS Internet of Things IoT

Internet of Things (IoT)

The digital transformation is one of the biggest changes of our time: networked machines in Industry 4.0 allow more efficient and better processes. ZEISS is constantly developing new solutions so that customers can be one step ahead of this competition. The ZEISS innovation hubs create an ecosystem through their proximity to university research, start-ups and partners that connects ZEISS with students, researchers and companies. This creates a force that significantly accelerates the transformation of ideas into innovations.

ZEISS augmented reality AR

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality technology has become an integral element in the digital world. It connects people, supports cross-border services and replaces travel. AR solutions are also an important element of the digitalization strategy at ZEISS.

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