ZEISS Innovation Summit 2024
Technology and networking event

ZEISS Innovation Summit

Innovate with AI

Congress Center Heidenheim | Hugo-Rupf-Platz 1 | 89522 Heidenheim
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Technology | Innovation | Networking

The by-invitation-only two-day ZEISS Innovation Summit fosters the connect on a professional level. Topics are innovations, technology developments, roadmaps, arising trends, ZEISS and SBU technical needs and much more. A mixture of inspiring keynotes, posters, auctions, exhibitions, and some new formats - more intensive and informal networking options and workshops - promise the occasion to be an exciting one.

We, the Senior Expert Team (SET), are very much looking forward to interaction and benefits from the future shaping developments at ZEISS.

Program at a glance

Note: Program details are tentative and subject to change

  • Topic
    Additional Program

    8:00 am

    Doors open for check-in

    Permanent exhibition: VIS and COP

    9:00 am

    Welcome & Recap

    Senior Expert Team

    9:15 am

    CEO Insights

    Karl Lamprecht, ZEISS CEO

    9:45 am

    Keynote I

    Euan Thomson, Head of SBU OPT

    10:15 am

    Impulse lecture

    Susan-Stefanie Breitkopf, ZEISS CTO

    10:30 am

    Discussion: Unconscious Bias in transformation and digitalization

    Magdalena Rogl/Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Stefanie Magazzeni/Head of Digital Research and Innovation, Philip Standner/Head of Digital Technology Accelerator

    11:00 pm

    Poster Session I incl. flying lunch

    Permanent exhibition: VIS and COP
    Communication workshops

    1:30 pm 

    Panel Discussion

    Panelists: Diana Iacob/AI Architect, Tanja Teuber/Head of Algorithms, Lydia Nemec/Head of AI Accelerator, Florian Schmid/AI Lead Engineer, Nassir Navab/Professor

    3:00 pm

    Poster Session II 

    Permanent exhibition: VIS and COP
    Communication workshops

    5:30 pm

    Best Poster Award

    Senior Expert Team

    6:00 pm


    6:45 pm


  • Topic
    Additional Program tba

    8:00 am


    Permanent exhibition: VIS and COP

    9:00 am

    Welcome & Recap

    Senior Expert Team

    9:15 am

    Keynote II

    Andreas Liebl, CEO appliedAI Initiative GmbH

    10:00 am

    Talk&Engage: Ethics Reflection

    Dr. Benjamin Lange, AI Ethicist at LMU

    10:45 am


    11:00 am

    Tech Talk: Innovation & Technology

    Michelangelo Masini, Head of ZEISS CRT

    11:45 am

    Technical Auction Pitches

    Peter Gerdemann and pitcher

    12:45 pm

    Technical Auctions: 3 rounds à 30 min

    Permanent exhibition: VIS and COP
    Communication workshops

    3:00 pm

    Technical Auction & Labs Learnings

    Peter Gerdemann

    3:30 pm

    SET Closing Dialogue

    Senior Expert Team

Keynote speaker Karl Lamprecht President & CEO ZEISS Group
Speaker Euan Thomson Head of Strategic Business Unit OPT President of Ophthalmic Devices
Speaker Susan-Stefanie Breitkopf Member of the Executive Board & CTO ZEISS Group
Speaker Dr. Andreas Liebl CEO appliedAI Initiative GmbH
Speaker Benjamin Lange AI Ethicist at LMU
Speaker Michelangelo Masini Head of ZEISS Corporate Research & Technology
Panelist Stefanie Magazzeni Head of Digital Research and Innovation at ZEISS MED
Panelist Philip Standner Head of Digital Technology Accelerator at ZEISS ZDP
Panelist Florian Schmid AI Lead Engineer at PlanB
Panelist Prof. Nassir Navab Head of the Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures and Augmented Reality at TUM
Panelist Diana Iacob GenAI | AI Architect at Microsoft Germany
Panelist Tanja Teuber Head of Algorithms at ZEISS CRT
Panelist Lydia Nemec Head of AI Accelerator at ZEISS ZDP

Submit your topic in these formats

Call for submission

Due date is April 19, 2024

Submit your topic in one of the various formats. Which one matches best with your topic: Poster, Auction or Lab? Please download the appropriate abstract below and submit it here. Please wait for final author notification on April 30 before proceeding the work on your poster, auction or lab.


Program details

  • Share the latest topics, most recently implemented projects, status of current solutions or newly achieved developments during the Poster Session. Which themes are of interest for other experts? What innovation and key points must be made public? Let us know by sharing your poster.

    • The focus of your submission should be the recent past until today respectively the near future
    • Make sure the poster content is marked as "Confidential" or less, it cannot be "Secret". 
    • The size of the printed poster will be DIN A0.
    • This year we will provide two Poster Sessions to make as much participation also for the authors possible. 
    • As always, three best posters will be awarded, voted by the attendees.
    • The topic does not have to be related to the motto.
    • Demos, hardware, displays or other hands-on items related to the poster will move to the Lab section of the event.

    Important: Please fill out an abstract for the poster first. Author notification will be on April 30.

  • Seize these roundtable discussions to address challenges or even problems you are facing in your roadmap to gain support. You present future technologies and topics to align demands and requirements in the next three to five years. All topics belonging to technology roadmaps, requirement roadmaps, product roadmaps, R&D actitivties, etc. are welcome to be disucssed.

    • First you very briefly pitch your topic on stage to emphasize your challenge - be precise.
    • Afterwards you will be the chair of three small discussion rounds where at intervals experts come to you to get into discussion.
    • You address technology gaps in your roadmap your are facing and try to find partners helping you closing them. 
    • You can find experienced experts who can help you answering open questions.

    Important: Please fill out an abstract for the auction first. Author notification will be on April 30.

  • This new format is for practical hands-on experience, formerly known as the demos.

    • Please submit your topic if you want to show a demo, make people try out things with hardware, be interactive with the attendees through touchable items. 
    • Labs run in parallel to the Technical Auctions
    • An explanatory poster can be combined. Size is DIN A0, please download Lab poster template from the download section.
    • Labs are excluded from the Poster Award voting.

    Important: Please fill out an abstract for the Lab first. Author notification will be on April 30.

  • Renowned thought leaders and experts take the stage to share invaluable insights, offering compelling perspectives on AI. Engage with visionary ideas, thought-provoking concepts, and inspiring narratives, promising an enlightening experience for all attendees.

    • Dr. Karl Lamprecht, President & CEO ZEISS Group: CEO Insights
    • Dr. Euan Thompson, Head of SBU OPT and President of Ophthalmic Devices at ZEISS: Keynote 1
    • Susan-Stefanie Breitkopf, Member of the Executive Board & CTO ZEISS Group: Inspirational talk
    • Dr. Andreas Liebl, CEO appliedAI Initiative GmbH: Keynote II
    • Dr. Michelangelo Masini, Head of ZEISS Corporate Research & Technology: Tech Talk: Innovation & Technology
    • Dr. Benjamin Lange, AI Ethicist at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität: Talk&Engage: Ethics Reflection
    • more to be updated soon
  • In the Panel Discussion about AI, the panelists are:

    • Florian Schmid, AI Lead Engineer at PlanB. GmbH
    • Diana Iacob, GenAI, AI Architect - Strategy & Innovation at Microsoft
    • Dr. Tanja Teuber, Head of Algorithms at ZEISS Coporate Research & Technology (CRT)
    • Dr. Lydia Nemec, Head of AI Accelerator at ZEISS Digital Partners (ZDP)
    • Prof. Nassir Navab, Head of the Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures and Augmented Reality at Technical University of Munich


    In a smaller discussion round three panelists discuss about Unconscious bias in transformation & digitalization. Panelists are:

    • Philip Standner, Head of Digital Technology Accelerator at ZEISS Digital Partners (ZDP)
    • Stephanie Magazzeni, Head of Digital Research and Innovation at Carl Zeiss Meditec France S.A.S.

Registration If at least one rule applies, please fill out form:

Rules: You can register for the ZEISS Innovation Summit only, when at least one of these rules apply:

  • You have received an personal invite to the event by the SET
  • You have received an approval for a submitted topic

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I will attend on the following day(s):

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If you want to have more information on data processing at ZEISS, please refer to our data protection notice.

With my registration I have accepted the ZEISS Innovation Summit Rules and Regulations:

As the Innovation Summit covers topics and technologies that may be of confidential nature, you need to treat confidential the content specified in the Summit as CONFIDENTIAL and not share such content with third parties outside of ZEISS. Participation in the Innovation Summit is part of your employment with your ZEISS employer. If you want to use the content shared in the Innovation Summit by another segment for your business group, please contact the business group that has shared such content. Use of such content is only allowed after prior written agreement with the business unit that has shared such content. The sharing of content does not provide a license to further use such content. If contents of the summit/knowledge of other ZEISS companies are to be used in the own company, this requires a written agreement including an arm's length remuneration between the different ZEISS companies. There may also be export control restrictions on the use of such content outside the EU – if such use is intended, please contact the export control department for further help.

The Innovation Summit serves the purpose of an open exchange of information and discussion of potential applications within ZEISS. In view of this goal your active participation and contribution to the success of the ZEISS Innovation Summit is considered to be a task according to your employment. This relates to the ZEISS Innovation Summit itself as well as any discussions or projects which will become initiated by the information exchange in the course of the ZEISS Innovation Summit. Accordingly, results which you will achieve, or contribute to, will be considered and acknowledged by your employer in the same manner as equivalent results achieved in the course of your usual tasks. If the outcome of such discussion may be considered as an invention, please contact the patent department for further help. You herewith confirm that your superior has agreed to your participation in the ZEISS Innovation Summit according to the preceding rules and tasks.


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