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ZEISS Quantum Challenge: problem-solving through quantum technology

On 2 March 2021 the two winners of the ZEISS Quantum Challenge 2020 will be announced during the QuApps conference, or "the summit for quantum technology."

3 February 2021

  • The award is presented for outstanding approaches to solving real-life problems in medical technology, microscopy and industrial metrology
  • The two winners will present their projects during the International Conference on Applications of Quantum Technologies (QuApps).
Oberkochen, Germany | 03 February 2021 |  ZEISS Group

Things are getting interesting! The winners of the ZEISS Quantum Challenge 2020 have been chosen, and will be announced on 2 March 2021 during the "QuApps Online: Workshop on Applications on Quantum Technologies."

The ZEISS Quantum Challenge: six challenges

The idea behind the ZEISS Quantum Challenge is to advance the scientific application from lab to market-ready products in quantum technology. That's because even though quantum technology is always maturing, it has not yet transitioned from the lab to industrial application.

This prompted ZEISS to launch a competition dedicated to the use of quantum technology in sensor and imaging applications in a real-life environment. To do this, ZEISS called on the scientific community working in the area of quantum technology to tackle six real-life challenges in the following categories: medical technology, microscopy, and industrial metrology.

The aim of the challenge was to identify promising solutions, discuss them with other experts, and partner up in order to advance these ideas together. The many submissions were evaluated by an expert panel, and the winners have now been chosen. They will be announced during the QuApps conference on 2 March 2021 and will present their approaches to an audience of experts.

  • ZEISS Quantum Challenge

    ZEISS Quantum Challenge

The QuApps conference: Current research and application fields of quantum technology

The international conference QuApps focuses on the state of the art and on the development of quantum technology. Technology is being developed at an incredible pace and it offers untapped potential for future innovations in both business and science. The topic areas include quantum computers, cryptography and quantum sensors. The event is aimed at quantum engineers and researchers, as well as business development strategists and trend scouts in the industry, and investors and interested members of the public. The participants will gain deep insights into the latest research. The conference will focus on discussions with and between renowned quantum technology experts.

QuApps 2021: online and in-person hybrid event

Due to the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the QuApps conference cannot be run as an in-person event in March 2021, as originally planned. As a result, the event organizers have decided to run a hybrid event that combines an online portion on 2 March 2021 and an in-person/online portion on 13-15 September 2021. This approach ensures that the event is held in a timely manner, but also that personal contact is enabled, which is so important for this field.
In preparation for the QuApps conference in September, the IVAM Microtechnology Network will thus be running the online-only event "QuApps Online: Workshop on Applications on Quantum Technologies."
In addition to the awards ceremony for the ZEISS Quantum Challenge and the winners' speeches, this three-day event will focus on the following topics: the state of global activities in quantum computing and quantum sensing; an overview of public funding; and a panel discussion.
For more information, please visit: On this page you can access the schedule and sign up for the event. Those who sign up for the QuApps in-person/hybrid event will be able to do so free of charge.


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