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IDOC is a leading optometric alliance group, and ZEISS is a world leader in precision optics. Together, this partnership offers competitive programs with innovative lens solutions and services to help your independent practice flourish.​

ZEISS is a 100% Foundation-owned company with 175 years of innovation and excellence in optics. Our legacy is measured in lives changed. ​

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ZEISS is focused on supporting the growth of independent optometry and elevating the innovations of the eyecare industry.

In contrast to others in our industry, we refuse to compete with our customers or limit your choices. If you seek a truly independent choice to help you compete with the giants, let‘s talk.

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  • 1

    Study participants were asked to rate how important different aspects (“price”, “to see clearly across the entire lens”, “easy to adapt to”, “comfortable vision across the entire lens”, “aesthetics”, “available coatings”, “matches the frame”) are for them when choosing new eyeglass lenses. Wearer trial comparing 1.60 ZEISS ClearView FSV and 1.60 ZEISS AS FSV in a laboratory setup and in everyday life. N=20 study participants. Technology & Innovation, Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH, 2020.


  • 2

    Based on a visual clarity simulation of a 50 mm diameter lens area for 1.60 index ZEISS ClearView FSV lenses compared to 1.60 ZEISS AS FSV lenses. Average of +5D, +3D, +1D, -1D, -3D, -5D, and -7D with and without a cylinder of -2D. Quantitative analyses by Technology & Innovation, Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH, 2020.

  • 3

    Testing by independent testing laboratory in USA in 2021-22 according to requirement in ISO 8980-3. Based on the average speed (%T/min) of fadeback from fully activated state to the interpolated time to 80%T at 23C in 1.50 index HC only form (CR607 version of comparison brand).

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