Your patients care what you wear.

It’s important to share the type of eyewear you choose for yourself

Eye care professionals are themselves the most influential part of a patient's consideration when choosing eyewear, with over 80% of patients saying that they would be very likely or somewhat likely to buy self-tinting lenses if their doctor recommended or wore them.

60 seconds is all it takes

Every year, ZEISS Vision Care provides tens of thousands of underprivileged children in underserved communities with essential vision care. We work closely with organizations such as the Lions Club, SOS Children’s Villages, the Impact Foundation and other NGOs.Support our mission by uploading your lens prescription – it only takes 60 seconds.

Why your lens prescription

will contribute to a worthy cause

Your lens prescription includes data that helps AI-backed optical technologies learn in order to become smarter. The smarter the systems become, the better the vision solutions of tomorrow will be.

Why your lens prescription will contribute to a worthy cause

What is a lens prescription and where can you get one?

After fitting your glasses, and upon request, your eye care professional will give you printed lens prescription.

Contributing to a worthy cause supports better vision for all

More and more eye care professionals rely on AI-backed digital systems like the ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 to provide you with perfectly individualized eyeglasses fully adapted to your needs, preference and anatomy. To make our AI systems smarter it needs to continually learn. The more lens prescriptions it can study the better it gets, and the better the performance of lenses and glasses in the future.

We will support a person in need with every lens prescription submitted

For every lens prescription uploaded, we will make a 1 EUR donation to Aloka Vision Program by ZEISS. All donations will go towards providing eye exams and vision tests to underprivileged school children in South India, including free eye glasses if needed. Since 2019 more than 25,000 children have benefited from this program which we conduct in close collaboration with the Lions Club in Bangalore and the Optometry Council of India.

Know what initiative you contributed to

Millions who live in rural areas and in difficult circumstances may never get a chance for a proper eye exam or vision test. Vision can significantly affect a child’s education, and ultimately their chances of finding work.

With the help of various NGOs including Round Table, Lions Club and SOS Children’s Villages, ZEISS’ Aloka Vision Programme brings eye and vision care to underserved communities, especially to underprivileged children and makes life better for them.

We are committed to transparency and sustainability, and we are going to publish full reports on where the funding is spent by clicking below.

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    The Aloka Vision Programme by ZEISS has been established in 2015 with partners to bring quality eye and vision care to underprivileged children and vulnerable families in rural, unserved regions. The quality of the program is frequently evaluated and optimized with the Optometry Council of India. For patients in need of medical treatment for their eyes the program collaborates with eye clinics within the framework of a referral program for non-refractive vision loss. The program for underprivileged children in the State of Karnataka, South India, has been established together with Lions Club of Bangalore Shikshana in District 314 F in 2019.

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    Please note that photos and videos partly produced before the pandemic and do not show protection measures like face masks which have been of course obligatory since 2020 in all our programs.