SmartLife Young

Single Vision Lenses - For growing children

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ZEISS SmartView 2.0 technology

Powered by the age-specific parameters of growing children.
  • Smart Dynamic Optics by ZEISS
    Kids and teens have a shorter near vision distance (7.5-12 inches) than adults which is related to their age. ZEISS SmartLife Young
    Single Vision lenses are adapted to this unique visual characteristic of children.
  • Luminance Design® 2.0 technology by ZEISS
    Pupil diameter changes as a child grows. ZEISS Luminance Design 2.0 technology incorporates these changes in pupil diameter to provide the best optical performance.
  • Dynamic AgeFit® technology by ZEISS
    This technology uses the changing facial anatomy of a growing child in the lens calculation.

Perfect for young people's connected and active lifestyle and changing anatomy.

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Designed for busy (little) lifestyles.

  • Protected from the sun with sunglass-level UV protection up to 400 nm in all ZEISS lenses.
  • Safer screen time: up to 40% of potentially harmful blue light is blocked by ZEISS BlueGuard® material.(1)
  • Carefree playtime: ZEISS DuraVision® coatings are 3 times more scratch resistant.(2)
  • Supports an indoor-outdoor lifestyle: Can be customized with ZEISS PhotoFusion X photochromic lenses, which automatically tint a clear lens to sunglasses-level darkness outdoors in seconds.

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  • 1

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    (2) Compared to ZEISS hardcoated lenses
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