My Vision Profile by ZEISS

Your patients can get a better understanding of their visual needs by simply visiting your website.

With the customizable, co-branded My Vision Profile on your website you’ll be able to let your patients create their unique vision profile to determine which ZEISS lenses suit their lifestyle and visual needs best.

  • Get more footfall through your doors
  • Save time in your business with pre-anamnesis
  • Available at no additional cost and easy to implement

Interesting facts about patient behavior.

  • 63 %

    of shopping trips start online1

  • 93 %

    of customers research products online before buying in-store  later2

  • 80 %

    of customers said they would be more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized approaches3

  • 76 %

    of customers expect organizations to understand their individual needs4

Purchase decisions start online.

Today’s online and offline worlds are closely connected. Searching for relevant product information online and the purchase of products, either online or offline, are closely intertwined. This is also true for the purchase of new eyeglasses. Patients want to learn more about their eyes and also discover which lens solutions will be the most suitable for their needs and challenges.

Acquire new patients and stand out online with the award-winning My Vision Profile.

My Vision Profile analyzes   your patient’s lifestyle and vision behavior with a series of questions. It generates a unique vision profile and recommends the optimum ZEISS lens solution based on individual vision needs. It’s a unique dispensing tool which ensures that patients have a more comprehensive understanding of their visual needs prior to entering the store.

Seamless and complete journey from online to offline.

Your patients can store their personal vision profile as a QR code on their smartphone and bring it along to the store. The results can be reviewed in your store with the help of VISCONSULT, providing essential information that will help you to recommend the most suitable lens solutions. This results in more time that you can spend with your patient on the examination or to explain relevant information.  You can co-brand the My Vision Profile with your name and practice details to ensure patients find their way to your practice.

Key benefits What you’ll get from My Vision Profile.

  • Stand out online

    Enhance your website and increase your online visibility with an award-winning web application.

  • Easy installation

    Only four steps to install a customized version on your website, and it updates automatically (no extra effort).

  • Planting the seed

    Guide patients to think about their vision and the challenges they have – preparing them for the consultation.

  • Seamless journey from online to offline

    A QR code will let you continue the experience with VISUCONSULT so that you can fully focus on your patient and the results of their vision profile, reducing chair time.

  • Overcome inhibition threshold

    Reduce the inhibition threshold to new eyeglasses through good preparation and information. Generate traffic to your practice by integrating your practice address for directions.

  • Lens solutions recommendation

    A smart algorithm evaluates your patient’s vision profile and recommends the relevant lens solutions.

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