The ZEISS Promotion Fund

ZEISS provided more than 800,000 euros in funding for nearly 100 projects in research and education as well as at its German sites in fiscal year 2020/21.

FEB 24, 2022 · 4 min read
ZEISS supports Green School in Jena
Jan-Peter Kasper/FSU

Students of a 5th grade class of the Wenigenjena Community School on 21 May 2015 during their experiments in the "Green School" in the Botanical Garden of the University of Jena. In previous years, the technology group ZEISS provided 10,000 euros from the Carl Zeiss Promotion Fund for the project.

Research and education

Social engagement at the ZEISS Group aims to promote research and education, healthcare, conservation and local society. ZEISS encourages the next generation to get involved in the natural sciences, from preschool children right up to Ph.D. students, as well as to fund social and cultural projects.

In order to fulfill these obligations, ZEISS has established the ZEISS Promotion Fund in Germany. Since the establishment of the ZEISS Promotion Fund in 2011, more than 1,200 projects in research and education as well as regional projects have been supported with almost 10 million euros.

ZEISS Site Fund

The ZEISS Promotion Fund

The ZEISS Promotion Fund, in which ZEISS bundles and structures its support activities in Germany, is divided into the two pillars ZEISS Site Fund and ZEISS Education and Science Fund.

The ZEISS Site Fund was established on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the reunification of the company in East and West in 2011. The aim was to support regional projects at the main German site of Oberkochen, Jena, Aalen, Wetzlar and Göttingen. The focus of the projects and initiatives supported by the ZEISS Site Fund is on offerings for children and young people that strengthen STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) across the board. Projects in the areas of culture, social affairs and popular sports are also supported.

In 2012, the ZEISS Promotion Fund was expanded to include the ZEISS Education and Science Fund, whose funding activities are not only site-based but also transregional. In 2012, the ZEISS Promotion Fund was expanded to include the ZEISS Education and Science Fund, whose sponsorship activities are not only site-related but also transregional. The ZEISS Education and Science Fund focuses on initiatives to promote the education of young people, primarily pupils before choosing a course of study and students before starting their careers, and their scientific expertise, as well as projects and initiatives at universities and research institutes. The focus there is on the natural and engineering sciences, especially optics and photonics.

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