Sustainability at ZEISS

Sustainability at ZEISS

How innovative solutions help to make the future more sustainable.

Sustainability at ZEISS comes in many forms. Projects that aim to use water more efficiently and therefore protect the environment have been initiated. Microchips are becoming more sustainable thanks to ZEISS, and new materials in 3D printing are making components more resource-efficient to manufacture.

As a foundation-owned company, sustainability and business success are inextricably linked at ZEISS. Sustainability is also firmly anchored in the corporate strategy. The three focus topics climate action, circular economy and value for society have been derived from the Sustainable Development Goals, a global initiative set up by the United Nations.

Sustainability Insights introduce promising projects and the people behind them. They show, from various perspectives, how ZEISS products and solutions play their part in a sustainable future and how ZEISS puts diversity and cooperation into practice.

Promising prospects

The public conversation about sustainability is often dominated by bad news. It overshadows the good news, even though the good news is what inspires people by highlighting innovations and opportunities. And there are definitely innovations and opportunities out there. This chapter provides an insight into four promising ZEISS projects that are all driving sustainable development.

Innovative insights

The buzzwords and headlines make innovation and sustainability sound easy, when in fact they need time and space. This chapter provides exactly that and shows how ZEISS is driving sustainability. It covers four different topics that all contribute to an overarching goal of a livable future.   


We feel confident when we look toward the future, especially as we have ideas and people in our company who take on challenges. We share a few of them with you here.

Moving toward a sustainable future

The destination is clear: a sustainable future. It is an ambitious goal and it may well seem overwhelming at first glance. ZEISS has done pioneering work for over 175 years, which is also why it sets its sights high when it comes to solutions for matters related to sustainability.

Sustainability is part of the corporate strategy. Sustainability is firmly established within ZEISS. ZEISS wants to play an active role in bringing about a viable world by taking responsible actions. It seeks to strengthen positive developments and innovation.

With the Group-wide Sustainability Program that we created in 2020, we're undertaking far-reaching work in pursuit of our goals and strategic focus issues: climate action, circular economy and value for society. They guide our actions, the way we work together, and how we see ourselves.

ZEISS targets for 2025

  • - 10%

    waste reduction 1

  • - 15%

    water consumption reduction 1

  • - 20%

    energy consumption reduction 1

  • 1

    relative to value added on FY 2018/19