The Podcast

"ZEISS Beyond Talks – The Podcast” takes you on a journey by capturing important milestones and by talking to leading scientists, renowned artists and ZEISS experts from around the world. All of them address the question: How can we challenge the limits of imagination?

This podcast is part of our video interview series with thought leaders and great minds around the globe "ZEISS Beyond Talks". lt sheds light on the work, visions and trials humanity currently faces and how they have a major impact on our world and inevitably our future.


What is the Podcast all about?

From a microscopic idea to a global technology leader - How did one vision impact the world? From moon craters to glaciers: How have camera lenses shaped science, technology and popular culture? The podcast "ZEISS Beyond Talks - The Podcast!" opens the door to a world of wonder and creation. It briefly and concisely answers exciting questions by capturing important ZEISS milestones and by talking to leading scientists, renowned artists and experts from all over the world, you will bear witness to 175 years of scientific discovery.

Yasmin Blair
Yasmin Blair Narrator

Episode 2

The power of photography

Ways of seeing

In this episode we talk about the creation and importance of earth-shattering images. We discuss how a ZEISS lens became an important witness to the moon landing and how photographs can help us develop a deeper understanding of the beauty and fragility of our home planet.

Two guests, Dr. Vladan Blahnik, an expert in optical design, and Sebastian Copeland, a polar explorer, climate analyst and photographer, help us better understand the technical details and the evocative power of those world-changing images.

Sebastian Copeland
Sebastian Copeland Award-winning photographer, adventurer and environmental advocate.
Dr. Vladan Blahnik
Dr. Vladan Blahnik Optical Designer at ZEISS Corporate Research

Episode 1

The microscope of pioneer Carl Zeiss

How one vision can impact the world

In this episode we will have a look at how it all started. The very beginning of ZEISS lies within one instrument, the production of a precise microscope based on a scientific foundation. How did one idea of building a predictable tool to enhance human eyesight, to see more than what is visible, become the driving force of an internationally leading enterprise?

To have a closer look at the historic moment as well as its impact on research microscopy until today, we spoke to Dr. Michael Albiez, Head of ZEISS Microscopy.  Featuring microbiologist, researcher and deep-sea explorer Prof. Antje Boetius.

Prof. Antje Boetius
Prof. Antje Boetius Professor of geomicrobiology at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology
Dr. Michael Albiez
Dr. Michael Albiez CEO of ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

More episodes coming soon

ZEISS Beyond Talks Video Series

ZEISS Beyond Talks

The Video Series

For 175 years, ZEISS has been asking “How can we challenge the limits of our imagination?” To celebrate this vision, ZEISS has partnered up with thought leaders and great minds from around the globe for the series "ZEISS Beyond Talks" where they speak about their work, visions, and how they are having a major impact on our world.

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