Mineralogic Systems - MinSCAN
Microscopes for Automated Mineral Analysis
Achieve Maximum Recovery of Resources

Mineralogic Systems

Your Dedicated Solutions for Automated Mineralogy

Dedicated automated mineralogy systems from ZEISS are designed to run on any ZEISS SEM with multiple integrated EDX detectors.

Revolutionize your plant performance with field- and laboratory-based systems. Industry specific modules for the Oil and Gas and Mining industries allow you to quickly and simply interrogate your data, produce reports and gain unique insights:


Your Ruggedized Mine-site Mineralogical Analyzer

Monitor your mineral processing plant through daily mineralogical analysis of process streams. Build up a comprehensive understanding of the daily performance of your plant with ZEISS MinSCAN.


Mineralogic Reservoir

Your Automated Quantitative Petrophysical Analyzer

Characterize rock texture with submicron precision using the industry standard in oil and gas automated mineralogy, answering a wide range of questions of your sample.  


Mineralogic Mining

Your Solution for Automated Mineral Analysis

Characterize and achieve maximum recovery of resources. With Mineralogic Mining you combine image processing, standards-based quantitative EDS, image analysis and reporting toolkits to interrogate even the most challenging samples.