ZEISS Stock and Uncut Lenses

Stay competitive in the market

Having the option to finish lenses in-house can be an important factor in remaining competitive. ZEISS stock lenses meet your needs by combining industry-leading precision and quality with great value.

With same-day  order fulfillment and first-rate customer service, ZEISS stock and uncut lenses will meet your needs and those of your patients.

  • Wide range of powers, materials, and options
  • Unsurpassed ZEISS quality
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy ordering

Wide range of powers, materials, and options

In-office finishing is a very cost-effective way to increase profitability and turnaround time. The entire ZEISS Rx portfolio is available as uncut lenses, providing you with the customized lenses your patient needs.

In addition, we are proud to offer a complete portfolio of ZEISS-branded stock lenses. These lenses come in a large assortment of materials, treatments, and powers, giving you the ability to have ZEISS stock on hand in your office or to order on-demand.

ZEISS stock and uncut lenses are manufactured to meet the high quality standards you expect from ZEISS.

High quality

Product features at a glance

The ZEISS National Lab Network offers a wide selection of stock and uncut lenses.

  • Uncoated, standard hard-coated, & standard AR-coated lenses
  • Premium dip-coated hard coat & dip-coated AR
  • All freeform products by Carl Zeiss Vision, including ZEISS lenses
  • Semi-finished lenses, such as GT2 by ZEISS, Flat Top 28, and Spherical SV
  • Top-tier ZEISS AR, including DuraVision® Platinum and BlueProtect
  • Uncut lenses are even eligible for earnings in the ZEISS Practice Advantage rewards program

ZEISS is known for excellence in precision optics. Why not partner with a company leading in optics for over 170 years?

High quality

The benefits for the wearer

With outstanding performance, the highest quality optics, and great value, ZEISS stock and uncut lenses meet the needs of every patient and practice.

  • Additional profit margin and cash flow can be generated with in-house finishing and lower-cost lenses — while still maintaining premium selling prices.
  • Same-day shipping if order is placed before 3PM — leads to faster turnaround
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Ability to dispense a wide variety of lenses, including premium ZEISS DuraVision AR coatings and ZEISS BlueGuard® with blue light blocking properties built directly into the lens material.

Always on the cutting edge of technology — from industry-leading lenses and AR coatings to exam equipment, we provide the resources to best serve your patients.

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